Defining A Wine Enthusiast

One may legitimately ask, what is a wine enthusiast? Is this a person who simply enjoys a drink or two of the good stuff? Or, is it someone who understands everything about the wines they drink. Is a wine enthusiast a person who can describe the strengths, tastes, textures and the process of wine making for any bottle presented to them? Perhaps the best definition of a wine enthusiast would be somewhere in the middle, with a stated objective to get a better understanding of the fine points over time and become a wine expert. Simplifying this down a level, one may frequently characterize the wine enthusiast into one of three classes.

The Red Corner

As is frequently discussed red Fruit Wines is said to help digestion, enhance the flavors of the food, and most thankfully keep your arteries clear and your heart healthy. Based on this it would seem that the wine enthusiast who favors red above all other choices would seem to have picked up a habit and a hobby that will provide them with great comfort over time. The red wine enthusiast often can be heard describing the legs of their wines, the bodies of their wines and the texture and taste of their choices as if describing a perfect kiss on a moonlit night on the French Riviera.

The White Corner

With white wines, the wine enthusiast has chosen a different beast. Typically less dense in constitution and usually very crisp in the taste, a white wine may not simply enhance your meal it can on occasion drive the meal. Many Chardonnay focused wine enthusiasts can often be heard talking about the clarity, the color and the oak flavors as they sample their wines. There are many white wines that are used for the earlier stages in the meal and prepare your tastes buds for the meats and fishes coming later. There are many wine enthusiasts who would argue that it is the white grape that is superior. White wines, as can any color Citrus Wine, are often drunk with fruit and may have a sweetness that makes them perfect for deserts as well.

The Wino

By far the most popular form of the wine enthusiast is the person who focuses on what tastes right and then learns about that particular form of wine. The wino favors neither red nor white but simply likes them all as long as it tastes good. To be fair, this form of wine enthusiast also takes note of the process of how the wine was made, the quality of the experience and may have all the makings of a Rose Wines expert.