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Whether you believe or not in the risk of natural disaster or other kind of emergency, you should still be prepared and have some food stockpiled. It is crucial to have at least 72 hour food supply on hand. Unfortunately, many people think they don’t have enough money to stockpile food, so they have barely enough food to get by through the week. But there are several tips you can use to stockpile food, even if you are on a tight budget. These tips will help you prepare long term food storage without damaging your family budget.

First of all, you should only buy food that you and your family like. Don’t buy any product you know you will not use, even if it is on sale. You will never eat the food, it will spoil in your pantry and, as a result, you are just wasting food and money. Look for good bargains on the food your family will eat.

Second thing to make sure is that the food items you purchase have a long shelf life. Long shelf life means a year or more. You can purchase a lot of different canned foods, which taste good and some of them might have a shelf life of a couple of years.

Find special stores that sell food items in bulk, specifically for families, who prepare their food storage. These stores have great prices and you will be able to stockpile food as well as save a lot of money, especially if you buy smart.

When you just start to prepare your food storage, you can assign about $15 for every grocery shopping to buy products for your emergency food storage. It is up to you and you can start with less money per every grocery trip, but the most important thing is to start. Even with little food storage investments at the beginning, you will soon see your pantry grow. You will soon get a food storage mindset and will cut down of certain foods in order to buy something for your long term food storage.

It is also good to watch sales in your stores and look for discount coupons. If you see a great sale on the food your family likes, buy $10 worth of this food. You can also watch the sales on meats and then preserve it in different ways like freezing it, vacuum packing it or even making jerky. This way you will be able to store meat for a very long time.

These are very simple food storage tips, but they are very effective for stockpiling your food even if you are on a tight budget. If you use these tips, you will soon see your stockpile grow, which will give you peace of mind and confidence in future.

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