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One of the best ways to preserve your food is vacuum sealing. Sealed food with vacuum will always have longer shelf life than many other foods preserved in other ways. Air tight containers, zip lock bags, plastic wrap and foil cannot preserve the food as good as vacuum sealer does it. There is a reason for this.

Food gets ripened, when it is exposed to the oxygen. After a certain amount of time of being exposed to air, products like fruits, vegetables and meats will begin to go bad. Oxygen helps mold and bacteria to develop in food and leave it undesirable for eating, because it changes food’s color, smell and texture. There are times when bacteria can develop without air, but mold never develops without a good supply of oxygen.

But, when we use vacuum sealers for storing our food, we remove the air from the food packaging. After we remove the air, some bacteria and mold cannot live and grow there. Of course, if the food is not refrigerated or frozen it will eventually spoil. But, if you preserve your food with vacuum sealer, when it is still ripe and fresh and store it in the proper way, it will have a longer shelf life than foods preserved with other methods.

When you preserve food with other storage methods, some air is still able to creep in through the little openings. If you just wrap your food loosely in plastic wrap or foil, it will stay fresh only for a short amount of time. Even when you place food in air tight container, it will still have some air left inside. And this little amount of air can be enough for spoiling the product by allowing mold or bacteria develop in it. If you cut the source of oxygen to the mold, it will not survive and will stop growing in your food.

The only way to preserve food for months, which can compete with vacuum sealing, is canning. It is another great food preserving option, even though it is not as easy as vacuum sealing. Canning requires some skills and more effort to make it effective as well as not to hurt yourself. So, before canning, you have to know exactly, what you are doing. You can use canning to preserve your fruits and vegetable or even meats. Such canned foods will stay fresh for a long time and even without refrigeration. You might consider canning as a perfect way to preserve food, if you have a lot of shelf food storage space. A lot of people have enough space in their freezer, so they choose vacuum sealing. Anyway, these food preserving methods will save you a lot of money, because less food will go to waste, and will help you prepare your emergency food storage.

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