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It is important that every family had an emergency survival plan in our uncertain times. The plan can be different for every family, especially for those who live in the city and the country. If you reside in the city area, one of the first things you would do in case of disaster is getting out of the city. In case of disaster, cities are usually the most dangerous places to stay in. If you have some friends or family members in the country, make some arrangements, so that you could go out of the city as quickly as possible in case something unexpected happens.

The next thing to do, if you haven’t already started, is to prepare your food storage. Don’t wait till it will be too late and your area will experience food shortage for any reason. It is easy to begin storing your food. You can start with adding more canned food to your pantry. Canned food is readily available in stores and it has a long shelf life. You can also stock up on staples like rice and oatmeal. Always make sure you have an extra amount of all the basics like flour, oil, baking powder, soda and yeast, so that you could bake your own bread. Some other food items good to have in your pantry are sugar, salt and other spices that will add flavor to your food storage meals. It is also good to get dehydrated milk, which you can just mix with water. And make sure you get a couple of propane tanks for your grill, just in case.

These food items will get you started with your emergency food storage, but there are also other food storage items you should consider. There are long term food storage items you should consider buying like dehydrated foods, freeze dried food and ready-to-eat meals. There are many reasons why you should purchase these foods for your long term emergency food storage. You will spend less money if you purchase them in the long run and bulk. These food items also take much less storage space. And their shelf life is very long, which is usually 10 to 25 years.

There are other emergency supplies you will need as much as food. Don’t forget about water supply. Store enough water for your family, or purchase a good water filter and purification. It is also vital to have your first air kit and other survival supplies like sleeping bags, matches, personal hygiene products, etc. Make sure to stock up on the special medication if someone in your family needs it.

As you can see, there are many things to consider and prepare and it might seem as a daunting task, but the most important thing to remember that you take care of your family’s safety.

This planet gets nasty – it’s time to be prepared. Learn more about food storage – this knowledge can save your life and the lives of other people you care about. Visit this food storage blog for useful info in the food storage industry.

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