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Good food storage is a way of extending food life. Food storage is an excellent investment for all of us. With the constant rise cost of food and the times we live in, the threat of food contamination is always rising.

The proper storage of the food under the most perfect conditions could extend its life at its maximum potential. There are different types of food – the first one needs room temperature storage and the other one must be frozen or refrigerated. The most popular type of extending the food life is freezing and a lot of products need this king of storage. If you want to get the most as possible from the food storage, the next conditions must have place:

– Refrigerator storage. The refrigerator has to keep the temperature between 0.5 C and 4.4 C. To check the temperature at any moment you will need to have a temperature inside the fridge. Using the fridge as the place for food storage you should use the plastic boxes, foil and airtight containers. For packaging food for the fridge the best items to use are vapor-and-moisture-proof ones.

– Freezer storage should be kept at -3 C and below. As in the refrigerator storage you will need the thermometer inside the freezer to control the temperature. For storage food in the freezer you should use only the package from the material designed specially for the freezers. The most important thing in the freezing storage is wrapping. Also do not forget to put a date on the freezing package. For example, fresh poultry, meat, fish and shellfish could be kept frozen for 6 to 12 months; cooked meat could be kept frozen for 2 or 3 months, smoked meat could be kept frozen just for 1 or 2 months.

There is a good packaging system for the fridges and freezers. It is a vacuum package. This system has already helped million of households. This system is designed in such a way that the air from the package just sucked away and the food remain fresh up to five times longer than traditional storage method.

– Shelf storage should be placed in the cool dry area. A lot of food items should be kept away from the direct sum light. All items should be kept in the airtight containers. If you do not open the original package of the food item it could be stored in it. But it you have been already opened it, you have to used a clean airtight container. You should remember that opened food items have a half of their storage life marked on the package.

Different food storage containers prolong the freshness of such food items as sugar, rice and flour by placing packages inside of polystyrene bins.

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