Presenting The Perfect Cheeseboard

Relaxing with a drink and a selection of cheese and biscuits is the perfect way to round off a meal, whether the occasion is a formal dinner party or you are simply entertaining friends and family. A cheeseboard offers an alternative to dessert for your guests, who may not all have a sweet tooth! There are a huge range of cheeses now available in delicatessens and supermarkets, meaning that your cheeseboard can have a truly international flavour.

As a guideline, offer a selection of between four and six cheeses. Make sure that these are a good mix of the different types of cheese, for example, hard and soft cheeses, mild and strong flavours, familiar and unusual tastes. Hopefully that way the cheeseboard will appeal to everyone. Include some fresh fruit on the platter, such as sliced apples, fresh figs and grapes. This will not only add to the presentation, but the flavours will make a great accompaniment to the cheese itself.

Here are a selection of popular cheeses from around the world:

Hard cheeses (“curado” or “semi curado”)
Cheddar – The most popular English cheese. Available in both Red and White varieties. Choose mature or extra-mature for a tangy taste and plenty of “bite”.

Red Leicester – A rich golden red cheese with a milder taste. Should appeal to all.

Edam – Dutch semi-hard cheese with a lower fat content. Has a mild taste and a slightly “rubbery” texture.