Soup for the Cooks Soul

Most people would just shake a little salt on it and it is done. They think that this action is good enough to make the soup taste better.
But there are better ways for a chef to make the soup taste better. It doesn’t require too much sodium.
First and foremost, reflect on the ingredients of the soup. Most of the time, veggies, herbs and bones are starting base for a good carab or asian fish soup.
If you want to reduce or increase the flavor of the soup – especially my favorite crab soup, you have to taste it between stirring.

Its up to you really.
Feel free to reduce/increase the amount of soup according to your taste.
If you’re done cooking the soup but it tastes like it still needs something, reach for wine, lime juice or lemon.
You can also spike it with vinegar. If you want more flavor to the meat, make sure that you saut