The 1 cup coffee maker guarantees a completely fresh cup of Joe!

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If you’re a new coffee freak like me, it’s too old to be consumed after half an hour. Don’t you hate it when, after gulping down the first pot, you prepare a second pot – still in your caffeine-bent frenzy of waking up – only to have that second pot get old and flat? Coffee is too expensive to let it go to waste. I know that’s being picky, but what can I say? For the cost of the coffee you toss in the space of a couple of weeks, you can put this complexity to rest for good by investing in a 1 cup coffee maker!

This is also a good solution for a single person who wants just a single cup in the evening, or as a little footprint desk accessory for the office. The usual office coffee pot often lounges at its station after the 9am blitz, is not the best of coffee in the first place and is simply intolerable in taste. So your personal 1 cup coffee maker is a perfect solution to avoid imbibing old, flat coffee, or worse yet, horror of horrors, decaf! Most employers frown on tossing it, regardless of age. If you have a staff meeting to attend, you surely can’t go without a cup (to keep you awake through endless presentations and everyone’s excuses as to why they haven’t progressed since last week’s meeting).

With your handy 1 cup coffee maker, it just takes a couple of minutes to make your cup and you’re good to go. No time or coffee wasted. There’s been a new addition to the 1 cup coffee maker fleet, which sounds pretty cool. The manufacturer claims it makes your cup in less than a minute! Now that’s fast! It seems this idea is catching on. It used to take a bit of searching to find a store that stocked this single serving coffee maker, but they are now easily obtainable. As for the coffee, they sell about a dozen different coffee varieties, pre-packaged in a little foil box with just the quantity of coffee required. You zip off the vacuum sealed foil lid and that’s all there is to it.

The advantage to having a dozen different varieties is that your palate doesn’t get that flat effect you sometimes get with an entire pot or two of just one type. You also don’t have to have three or four usual cans on hand, all open and losing fragrance by the minute. Just talking about this sets me to thinking … my current 1 cup coffee maker takes about 4-5 minutes to brew, perhaps because I didn’t pay much for this little luxury. The net effect is a beautifully fresh tasting cup of coffee every time. Hmm, maybe I’ll start dropping hints to my husband. Who knows that this fancy gadget might show up in my Christmas stocking? Valentine’s Day would be OK too. Read more about food and drink.