19th Hole Ice Ball Tray – Novelty Golf Gift, Golf Ball Ice Balls

I started out looking for a present for my love, and came across a truly one-of-a-kind golf gift, a golf ball ice ball mold. I began just like everybody else, searching the web, however underwhelmed with what I was seeing. I came across a story about exactly how an ice sphere in your drink was all the rage. Well I thought, that is at very least something that is special.

At first, numerous of the ice ball trays I found were just like the ones you would find in bars, extremely expensive and they just make one very big ice sphere. Researching a bit deeper I found some molds and trays that were quite reasonably priced as they were made of silicone. The majority of the reviews were quite good. The only problem seemed to be that the ice spheres made were occasionally too big and you could just make 1 or 2 at a time. Not really a problem for me, however which to pick?

Then I came across a video about the 19th Hole Ice Ball mold. Wow, not just do I discover a present that is all the rage, however one that is best as a present for my golfer. Getting a golf gift for my love is a real discover, I have never been able to do it before. Then I recognized, the golf ball ice balls are best for a lot more than just my golfer. We can all use them, including the children. I’m thinking lemonade golf ball ice balls.

Even though I started out looking for a present for my love, I wound up with a present for my golfer. Really, I wound up likewise purchasing one from Amazon for each of the golfers in my life. I am a huge Amazon fan, they have outstanding shipping and I am never stressed due to the fact that they offer an extremely effective return policy if case something is wrong with the order.

So here is a little bit more information on my discovery. I have to share, if you are looking for a great golf gift for the golfer in your life I highly advise the 19th Hole Ice Ball mold.

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Makes 12 Actual Golf Ball Shaped, Golf Ball Sized, Ice Spheres.

The golf ball ice spheres are BIG, however not TOO BIG like so many.

Features 2 ice sphere molds each making six ice balls, allowing you to make 2 kinds of ice spheres at the very same time.

Each sphere ice mold seals on itself and is stable so no problems in the freezer.

Great golf gift for the golf enthusiast in your life!

Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee.