Awesome Food Ricer By Kuche Chef, Received It As A Wedding Gift!

We just received a fantastic vegetable masher as a birthday gift. When we got the gift we thought it was real great, it felt like our relatives had invested a large amount of money on the gift as it came in a nice charcoal box.

The vegetable masher was really well made, produced from high grade 18/8 stainless steel.

The vegetable masher does what you think a vegetable masher will, it made tasty lump free mash. We highly recommend the Kuche Chef potato ricer, it is durable, it is hard to find a problem with.

Our relatives told us they purchased it on Amazon if you are looking for it.

Since we got it we have used it to make mashed potato, a delicious carrot mash recipe that the Kuche Chef team gave us as well as cranberry sauce. Every dish turned out really well, it would be really hard to make a mistake as you put the vegetable in the ricing cup and then squeeze the handles together, simple!

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The Küche Chef potato ricer is built from premium quality stainless steel. This potato ricer is durable. The mashing cup is 0.04in (1mm) thick while the top handle is 0.05in (1.2mm) and the handle is 0.05in (1.5mm) thick. All premium 304 grade stainless steel.

The potato ricer is ergonomically created with soft grip silicone handles and a balancing hook. Both are able to be washed cleaned in dishwasher.

Stainless steel potato ricers produce lump free mash. Whether your mash is pumpkin, fruit or vegetables, the creamiest, mash is created by a potato ricer.

As well as creating tasty mashed pumpkin, a potato ricer is the ideal baby potato strainer. Cooked pumpkin or apples pass through the potato mill to produce a tasty meal for a baby.

Before you purchase a potato ricer think about these points:
What is the diameter of the ricing cup?
The bigger the cup the less preparation time there is in the kitchen

What is the best material for a ricer be made of?
A ricer by nature needs to be made from premium grade stainless steel . Purchasing this stainless steel potato ricer gives peace of mind about the strength and quality of the product

Are additional features of any benefit?
Many ricers are sold with multiple disks. Removable disks often stick to the masher making them frustrating to use

Is the ricer simple to use?
A ricer with longer handles increases leverage making it easier to mash potatoes

What can you cook with a potato ricer:
Delicious mash, be it pumpkin, sweet potato or carrot
Pureed fruit, apple sauce, strawberry sauce and more
Healthy baby potato

A potato ricer would make an ideal engagement gift, a new born baby shower gift or even a housewarming gift.

Kuche Chef utensils come with a 60 day money back guarantee.