Believe it….cmsHome Silicone Cupcake Pans Set of 2 No More Metal Pans!

More about this silicone muffin pans product

No more metal cornbread pans for me! No way, no how. I have spent enough money on metal pans that rust and dent. Food sticks in them, too. I don’t want to work that hard anymore. I pitched my metal pans in the trash. Really.

These silicone pans can even be used in the freezer to make big ice cubes, freeze baby food, sauces, make frozen ice cream, and serve condiments. No metal pan can do that! They are more attractive, too. Get creative with these pans. Make dishes that you never could before in a metal pan like mini-cheesecake, quiche,brownies, pizza bites, and soap. Just think what else you can do with them! I almost forgot…they do not melt, peel, crack, or mildew!

Concerned about toxicity? These silicone pans are produced of the highest grade 100% Food Grade silicone. Safe. Clean. Non-toxic. No BPA or phthalates. A baby could even chew on them.

The kitchen retailers never seem to have a lot of silicone items. These came from where they have a cash back guarantee and its simple to return them if they are not appropriate. The Seller even emailed to make sure that they arrived, then they sent some favorite recipes, suggestions, and unique offers. Learn more when you click on the link underneath the picture.