Caveman Diet Plan: Is It A Myth?

Paleo is a pretty hot subject in forums & discussion boards lately. Those who follow this so-called “Caveman diet” praise its positive impact on overall health, energy as well as weight loss. However, those who are opposed to this diet claim that Paleo is only another myth. For instance, this particular paleolithic diet write-up has brought up a great deal of discussion and comments from audience.

This short article will summarize the idea of Paleo and the health and fitness benefits associated with it.

Paleo Diet Definition

The fundamental concept of Paleo is in fact fairly simple. It bases around the idea that we should follow our ancestor’s eating habit, and so the name caveman diet, as your body is genetically built to consume natural food. Try to imagine how usually caveman get foods & drinks? They had to hunt for meat and gather seasoned vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds. Our ancestor had been getting and eating natural foods this way for more than 100,000 years.

When agriculture came, human eating pattern was switched to products like grains, dairy, legumes and all type of processed food. We’re consuming too much carbohydrates generated from pasta, bread, rice and so on. And you wonder why more than 60% of our human population are overweight. As hunter gatherer, the cavemen were tall, muscular, agile while modern people are obese, stressed, unhappy and at risk of all kind of sickness.

Therefore, in a Paleo eating plan, you go back to the basic stuff like seafood, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and lean or grass-fed meat. This low-carbo high-protein diet will help you achieve a healthy & vibrant life.

Potential Benefits of Paleo

By following a Paleo diet, you’re going to get many benefits. First, it maintains your overall energy levels high during the day; you will feel very light after every meal due to improved digestion. You will have far better sleeping quality, softer and better looking skin, slowed process of aging, and increased sex drive. But most importantly, Paleo gives you a much stronger body’s immune system, which lowers your likelihood of acquiring sickness and disease like cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart issues and many other chronic conditions.

Paleo is also a good way to slim down easily and effortlessly. Reasons are simple. Weight loss is in fact the by-product of the benefits that Paleo brings you like lower carbohydrate consumption and more energetic lifestyle. However, you must know that Paleo is a natural diet not a miracle cure that helps you lose weight overnight. This diet plan is only as effective when combined with regular exercise. You should ignore those who just try it for one or two week and say it doesn’t work.

Paleo Controversy

There are several criticism against Paleo, mostly with statement like: “Oh, cavemen don’t live that long. This is a scam.” or “It’s yet another Atkin diet plan, and he died due to heart attack”. Well, people who make this kind of statement apparently don’t have a clue about Paleo.

I will be surprised if they live as long as cavemen when thrown into the wild, cut off from all the modern conveniences and facilities. Let’s see how they cope with severe weather conditions or predatory threats. Are you certain you are able to live without medical assistance and medication? And if you think Paleo is another diet that just focuses on low to zero carbohydrate intakes like Atkins, then think again. In fact, Paleo meals always consist of a sufficient amount of carbohydrate. You receive it from healthy sources like fresh vegetables and fruits rather than from processed foods like pasta or bread.

It’s really down to whether you are devoted to make a positive change to your lifestyle. I hope that your answer is yes, and if so then Paleo is the right tool for you. In order to get more information about Paleo diet and recipes, please visit this webpage