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I in no way knew that I should use these lids or even wanted them until I actually tested them. Then I was blown away! I just did not know what I was missing.

I was truly distrustful initially. I could not trust that Silicone would not melt in the oven. Boy was I incorrect. Not only do they not melt, but I did not require to throw away aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Silicone is now my newest greatest kitchen buddy. These even clean up quick and the difficult baked-on, burnt-on meals. They just flick off. You can even use them in a microwave oven and dishwasher, but If you hand-wash them, they are usually on hand to use.

Because this lid set includes 3 sizes, you ought to be capable to select a lid that fits…just chose one that is wider than the pan or bowl you want to cover. Cover baking pans in the oven or microwave oven that have no lids, Replaces missing pot lids, or use on top of fry pans to minimize spatters. Heat leftovers or soup with one of these lids on the container. Place them on top of food containers on the table to keep hot, or in the refrigerator to keep it from drying out. Cover dough as it is rising. Give a set for a wedding or birthday gift. Keep your coffee or tea hot.

Concerned about safety? These lids are produced of the best quality 100% Food Grade silicone. Hygenic. Clean. Non-toxic. No BPA or phthalates. They won’t mildew, peel, crack, warp, fade, or absorb odors either.

The kitchen retailers don’t ever appear to have many silicone items. These came from where they have a cash back guarantee and its simple to return them if they are not right. The Seller even emailed to be certain that they arrived, then they sent some recommendations, and unique deals

I have truly, never ever been so impressed with such a small acquisition like this before. If you are seeking for silicone lids, then I encourage you to click the hyperlink underneath the picture to order yours now and see for yourself. I am confident that you will be more than impressed!