Crafty Kitchen Veggie Spiralizer for Zucchini Noodles, Gluten Free, Paleo and Raw Food Diets

There was a time when I would not dream of sacrificing pasta. It just makes for one of the most scrumptious, comforting meals ever. My parents are from Europe, meaning I grew up on traditional European fare. That in turn meant pasta and wheat-based dishes were a mainstay in our family and my everyday meal intake. To this day, I can still taste my mother's homemade French beef bourguignon served over fettuccine noodles. Divine!

In my 20s, however, I began to notice that I was growing more sensitive to foods with wheat. After eating bread or pasta, I would feel like I had a hangover for a full day. The brain fog, sluggishness and energy loss were costly on my time and overall health.

I bought a spiral slicer from years ago when I was first introduced to raw food. I'd turned to raw foods to aid with some problems that were impacting my physical health at the time. As I experimented with removing wheat from my daily meals, I learned new ways to make food. I was amazed that zucchini could magically be turned into pasta noodles! It was a fantastic way to think outside the box. And what's more? It was scrumptious.

Since then, the vegetable spiralizer been a mainstay in my collection of favorite kitchen tools. For many lovers of gluten-free, raw or Paleo diet foods, this item is part of what's vital for staying committed to a healthy diet with success. With 3 blades to pick from, you can make thick noodles, angel hair pasta or ribbons. Try using zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, apples and more. The range of creative, enjoyable recipes is endless.

The Crafty Kitchen vegetable slicer is made from BPA-free friendly plastic, making it tough and light-weight. The stainless steel blades slice veggies cleanly and quickly. Its suction feet enable you to secure it to a non-porous surface area with ease. And since it does not require batteries or electricity to operate, you can actually enjoy using it anytime and anywhere.

Try making zucchini pasta and meatballs, vibrant salads or homemade sweet potato fries. You will feel terrific when you begin to reduce or eliminate wheat altogether from your diet. And you will be surprised– there is no sacrifice to your culinary enjoyment!

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The Crafty Kitchen Spiral Slicer is one of the most impressive tools available for making tasty, healthy Gluten-Free pasta noodles!

Why is there increased awareness around wheat and gluten issues these days? Because many are starting to see significant improvements in their health when removing it from their diets. Wheat sensitivity can lead to:

-Weight gain
-Inability to concentrate
-Poor digestion
-Poor sleep
-Skin conditions
-Joint pains

These are just a few of the symptoms of wheat allergies. If you are sensitive to wheat or gluten, pasta can turn you from feeling terrific to fatigued and inflamed. The best way to determine if you're susceptible to this is by removing wheat from your diet for a few weeks. But you don't have to sacrifice!

You can create thick spaghetti noodles or angel hair pasta from zucchini, potatoes, carrots and much more to satisfy those cravings, without bulky carbs or gluten!

Features of Your Tri-Blade Veggie Slicer

-BPA-free plastic
-Sturdy suction feet that secures slicer in place when utilized on non-porous surfaces
-3 attachments to create scrumptious thick noodles, thin noodles and ribbons!
-Blades are made from high-quality stainless steel for clean cutting
-Lifetime No Hassle Warranty! If you are not satisfied with your slicer for any reason, return it for a replacement or refund!

Recipes to Make With Your Crafty Kitchen Slicer

-Zucchini for gluten-free pasta noodles
-Sweet potatoes and regular potatoes for homemade fries
-Carrots, beets, parsnip and cucumbers for gorgeous, colorful salads
-Apples for healthy desserts that both grownups and children will love!

We at The Crafty Kitchen have a love affair with foods that are both scrumptious and healthy. We delight in sharing items and creative recipes for a healthy, essential way of life.

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