Curing Versus Brining Meat

Whenever I have actually ever viewed cooking and barbecue programs like barbecue pit masters, I constantly hear them talking about brining or curing their meat. I’m your typical cook, so I never ever actually understood what curing or brining suggested or actually did to the food.

I stumbled upon this video a few days ago and it offers a truly great description of the difference in between brining and curing meat. I never ever understood that brining and curing meat were actually the exact reverse of each various other. When you brine meat, you are actually drawing moisture into the meat so it does not dry on the grill. You are actually taking moisture out of the meat with a salt solution when you cure meat.

This begins the cooking process and is fantastic for making homemade bacon dishes.

Now that I understand the best ways to brine and cure meat, I am intending on trying it out for myself. It looks like you can add a lots of flavor to your food by doing this quick food preparation method. Look into the video below to learn the difference in between brining and curing meat.