Digital Food/Meat Thermometer. Vital for Food Safety.

I have been visiting a buddy's residence for a BBQ for several years. Each time my meat was cooked to perfection. Each of the guests have specific choices from rare to well done, and constantly were served an ideal dish. When I entertained, the other half cooked the meat, according to the amount of minutes it had been on the Weber or grill. "Guessing" truly just didn't suffice … you could tell by the looks on the faces of our guests and I would observe the meat was not absolutely eaten.

I then asked my close friend exactly what his secret was to the best steak – it was a Meat Thermometer. Hallelujah! This was the answer to me becoming an exquisite cook!!

I love buying on, and was able to pick from a range of food thermometers. I take pleasure in the quick postage (I love getting parcels in the mail), and if I haven't been pleased with my purchase, getting a refund has been unbelievably basic. That's my type of shopping.

I chose a Digital Food Thermometer because of the colour being white (it matches my white kitchen), the packaging was nice and it had a good size LCD screen. Now that I have my own food thermometer, I have actually found it has a range of uses. The most vital being for food safety. The last thing I need to do is cause food poisoning on my friends and family !! I use it to cook the very best meat or chicken on the grill, baking the perfect roast, checking the water prior to placing pasta in a pot on the stove, ensuring my youngsters aren't getting blisters on their tongues from the food being too hot, checking the temperature of baby's bottle and food, and checking the temperature of cooked food prior to I put it in the fridge.

My Gourmet Canteen Food Thermometer has a big LCD screen so I can see the reading easily, it is easy to use, has a HOLD button to recordremember the last test, the choice of ºF and ºC and turns off automatically after 10 minutes! What more could I ask for?

I am so pleased with my Food Thermometer, it is an asset to my kitchen gizmos, and I now feel great that I can entertain as well as the next best chef.

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One of the SECRETS behind all the very best CHEFS.
For chefs or 'wannabe' excellent cooks, exactly what is it that ensures their meals constantly turn out best and friends and family keep coming back for more?
A "need to have" kitchen help for any experienced cook is a Food Thermometer. No more thinking when the meat is cooked to excellence and ready to serve.
The number 1 concern in any kitchen is to guarantee that meat, poultry, seafood, and other cooked foods reach a SAFE MINIMUM INTERNAL TEMPERATURE. You cannot see whether tofu is properly cooked by taking a look at it. Making use of a Food Thermometer allows testing of the internal food temperature to guarantee food safety, whilst not over cooking.
Easy to use:
– Place the FOOD SAFE, CE Certified stainless-steel probe into the thickest part of the meat (do not touch the bone or fat) and push the ON/OFF button. Do the very same for other foods – poultry, fish, sausages, or steaming milk for coffee or checking the warmth of an infant's bottle.
– Wait a couple of seconds to get an accurate reading.
– There is a choice of Farenheit or Celsius temperature reading.
– Benefit of pushing the HOLD button which will memorise the last test you did.- If not switched off manually, the thermometer will immediately switch off after 10 minutes, saving battery life.
– Thermometer is provided, ready to use, with a 1.5 volt (LR44) battery.
My Gourmet Canteen is pleased to offer this remarkable item and assurances to all purchasers a 1 Month Money Back Warranty if unsatisfied.
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