Disposable Gloves 100-Count, Clear Plastic, Powder-Free, Latex and Allergy Free, Large

Premium quality – resists tearing. Lightweight and loose fit for easy on/off.

Adheres to stipulations of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) which allow repeated use in direct contact with food and are DEHP free.

Dispense pack keeps gloves organized and secured while providing hassle-free and easy access for quick and regular glove changes.

Breathable and comfy with high level of sensitivity. Textured and embossed surface for better grip.

Seamless and ambidextrous (fits right or left hand). Loose fit, long cuff and chlorinated for easy opening, quick donning and fast removal.

Polyethylene (PE) gloves are the least expensive disposable gloves. They are light-weight and loose-fitting, designed to come on and off rapidly and quickly. PE gloves are frequently utilized for light duty jobs that need regular glove changes such as food service work, salad and sandwich preparation, deli meat slicing and other food applications. Around the home, PE gloves can be utilized for light cleaning and messy jobs such as arts, crafts, personal care, mixing, painting and pet waste clean up. These gloves are latex-free and non-irritating. They keep hands clean and protect sensitive skin and manicured nails.

Stay Healthy and Conserve Money! People are finding the benefit, health benefits and cost savings of adding disposable gloves to their everyday routine.

I began utilizing disposable gloves when my first child was born. Changing diapers can be messy! I found utilizing disposable gloves was quick and easy. 3 kids later, I make use of disposable gloves all the time, for food preparation (specifically dealing with raw meat), tidying up after sick children, painting, arts and crafts.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a germ-a-phobe, however I hardly ever end up being sick. Doctors warn against overuse of skin-drying hand sanitizers and antimicrobial soaps. Rather, I bring a small cache of disposable gloves in my vehicle glove box and purse. Now, I spend less money on paper towels, soap, hand sanitizers, creams and manicures while preserving healthy skin, soft hands and beautiful nails.

Do yourself a favor, keep your hands clean, stay healthy and look into the disposable gloves offered by Amazon below (click link).

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