DrinkMeister Ice Ball Mold Makes Perfect Ice Spheres – Chill Beverages Without Ruining the Taste!

I was introduced to the idea of an ice ball (to cool both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) a couple of years ago by a Japanese friend of mine. He had this amazing device that allowed him to create perfect ice spheres (about 2″ in diameter, I think) and then utilizing them to chill whatever liquid you happened to be drinking. Being an enthusiastic whiskey drinker myself, I decided to give one of these a shot in my preferred glass of Bourbon. Wow, what a difference! No more diluting the taste as this amazing ball of ice continued to be frozen for almost an hour – chilling my beverage to perfection in the process. “That’s terrific”, I remarked. “Just how much does this device cost?”.

Now, here’s the rub. My friend went on to inform me that he had actually paid almost a thousand dollars for his ice ball maker! As terrific as these ice balls were, there was no way that I could justify that level of expenditure especially not to my wife, and I put the concept out of my head.

Nevertheless, just recently I stumbled on the perfect solution – an Ice Ball Mold that creates perfectly formed spheres of crystal clear ice, at a fraction of the expense. These are sold by a company called DrinkMeister, and marketed on Amazon.com. Because I am an enormous fan of Amazon, with their impressive levels of customer service, fast delivery, and cast-iron, no quibble guarantee, I thought I would give this a shot. You actually buy the item as a set of 2, and these intelligently stack, one on top of the other, to save storage space in your freezer. This turned out to be a great decision.

DrinkMeister impressed me ‘right off the bat’ with their attentive follow-up on my order, to ensure I got the item on time, together with providing me with a ton of valuable suggestions on ways to get the most from the product. Having actually been utilizing these to ‘wow’ my pals for the past few weeks, I can recommend them, without hesitation, to any individual thinking about creating the ‘perfectly chilled’ beverage.

If you’re interested, I would urge you to click the link below to order yours now and try these ice ball molds for yourself. I know you’ll be as amazed and happy as I was!.

Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/DrinkMeister-Ice-Ball-Mold-Traditional/dp/B00GMLMJRS/ice ball mold/

DrinkMeister Invites You To Discover The Secret To A Completely Chilled Cocktail Or Whiskey.

Add Style And Elegance To Your Next Drinks Celebration Whilst Tasting The Whiskey And Not The Water.

Keep your beverages cooler for longer with our best In class, high quality Sphere Ice Molds (Set Of 2).
The sophisticated design chills your beverage without diluting it.

Ice Balls have been scientifically shown to remain frozen longer than standard ice cubes due to their reduced surface area for a given volume. (They can lst for hours!).

They will not leak or tip in your freezer like other similar products.

Elegant, enjoyable and easy to make use of, and they stack neatly to save space.
The flexible silicone lid enables the easy removal of a completely formed ice ball.
There is no splitting or fracturing, no annoying ‘ridges’, ‘Saturn Rings’ or ‘chimneys’ like with other Ice-Ball Makers.

The advanced features of this design produce a consistent result every time.

Create perfect ‘Japanese-Style’ slow-melting Cocktail Spheres without the need for complicated and expensive equipment.
Exercise your creativity – include fruit, fruit juice or even coffee to the mold prior to freezing.
It frequently makes sense to freeze Ice Balls beforehand and store for celebrations.

Check out these high quality features and the superior design.

Certified BPA Free.
Dishwasher and food safe.
Compact, stackable design conserves freezer space.
Leak-proof seal avoids spillages.