Durable & Multi-Purpose Nut Milk Bag Makes Additive-Free Nut Milks, Cold Brew Coffee & MORE!

Nut Milk Bag? What’s that? If you’re anything like me you’ve purchased almond/rice/hazelnut/etc milks off the shelf forever always searching for ones with the least additives at the most economical price and didn’t know something like a nut milk bag existed. Until I found I could quickly make these milks myself, that they it are cheaper, taste much better and are more nutritious since they haven’t been cooked and preserved to death.

Enter nut milk bags. I purchased one, then another and another and another. The seams stretched, or the material stretched out, or the holes were too large to start with, or it clogged. This included best selling bags– big drag. It’s not an expensive item, however I still expected more. My expectations were satisfied when I got the Thriving Nut Milk Bag– found it on Amazon.com– where else does anyone shop these days? I’ve used this bag often for months and months and find it easy to use, easy to clean and as good as new. Just like it says, it is made to last!

In addition it comes with a wonderful eBook of instructions on how to make every conceivable type of nut or seed milk, oat or rice milk and even more. My favorite is coconut milk. I was even motivated to make a cashew & coconut mix– yum! And I now enjoy growing sprouts as it is a lot simpler than anything else I’ve tried.

If that isn’t enough, there are directions for cold brew coffee which incredibly tastes as great as fresh ground coffee smells. I make a batch of concentrate weekly, keep it in the refrigerator and add boiling water for “instant” coffee that tastes totally fresh.

If you are looking to make your own dairy-free milks– or cold brew coffee, I highly recommend the Thriving Nut Milk Bag. If you have been disappointed with other nut milk bags you’ve purchased in the past, I’m quite sure you won’t be with this one. Go ahead and click on the link, get this bag and enjoy.

Finally a Nut Milk Bag that won’t fall apart! Go on and squeeze the pulp!

You might have purchased a Nut Milk Bag before with warings to “press gently”. If you didn’t the mesh & seams would stretch & you ‘d have pulpy milk. Even if you did squeeze gently the seams gave way too soon.
This Nut Milk Bag is different!

Own the top of the line Nut Milk Bag on the market and get these perks:
– Wonderfully velvety nut, seed & grain milks thanks to right-sized nylon mesh. Never clogs. Enough pulp but not too much is removed.
– Unequaled quality. Reinforced seams just won’t unravel. Look at the photo of the bag ~ it’s worth 1000 words.
– Food Grade ~ FDA Approved nylon mesh. Very few other bags can make this claim.
– Rounded bottom funnels milk into containers.
– Cleans and dries rapidly. Seams on the outside don’t hold pulp.
– Perfect-sized – 10″x 12″ – fits over all blenders. Make 1 cup or 1 gallon of milk.- Stays open & won’t collapse when you pour.
– Our customers enjoy it & you will too!

Multi-purpose kitchen tool weighs in at 1 oz!
– Cold brew coffee concentrate – 65 % less acid. Keeps in the frig for a week.
– Convenient seed sprouting.
– Greek yogurt (aka yogurt cheese) ~ quick, easy and scrumptious.
– Filter veggie juices made in high power blenders.
– Wash little veggies & fruits in a snap.

Say ADIÓS to packaged milks with unpronounceable ingredients.
Say HELLO to fresh milks with live enzymes and even more absorbable nutrition.

Want more than one? Discounts available for purchase of two, three or four bags.

No-Risk Lifetime Guarantee
Your satisfaction is 100 % guaranteed or your payment is refunded.

Receive a BONUS e-book when you order full of recipes & tips:
How to Milk a Nut, 10 Common and Uncommon Ways to Use a Nut Milk Bag.

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