Ethnic Cuisine is the Best When Enjoyed in its Home Country

Even though Mexican restaurants in Kalamazoo, MI are tasty, you have to wonder how much better the food would be coming from the source. The same goes for Italian food dining establishments, Chinese food restaurants and most other dining establishments that try to recreate food from other countries. Some might be run by former residents of these countries, but the food ultimately has to be better the closer to the source you are.

This comparison can be thought of like one of your favorite recipes from your grandmother. Take apple pie for instance. Sure, apple pie at a classic American food restaurant might be very good, but the one your grandmother bakes is most likely much more delicious. Therefore, Mexican food, noted for use of an assortment of spices and ingredients native to Mexico, has to be amazing when it comes from the source.

The staple foods in Mexico are corn and beans. Natives use corn to create the dough used to make tortillas and tamales along with other corn-based foods. They also frequently use chili powder, chipotle, cilantro and oregano. These and other ingredients are used to make popular Mexican cuisine. Cuisine in this country varies greatly due to size and climate. In north Mexico, goat, beef and ostrich are popular. In particular, flank steak, a cut of beef that comes from the abdominal muscles of a cow is a frequently used ingredient for different meat dishes. In southeast Mexico, chicken and spicy vegetable dishes are most common. Given the location, food from this region also usually has a Caribbean flare. The Yucatán region of the country often uses achiote seasoning as well as moles. Goat birria, which is a stew of goat meat and spicy tomato sauce, is a staple dish in this region also. More exotic dishes can be located in villages all through Mexico that feature things like insects, rattlesnake and deer.

The items frequently found in local Mexican food restaurants, such as tacos or quesadillas, are street cuisine in Mexico. Tacos, tamales, tortas, quesadillas, different desserts and drinks are all options supplied by street vendors in Mexico. These selections are cheap and quick ways to grab lunch in the country.

Therefore, while Mexican food in Kalamazoo, MI can be delicious, getting food from the source is best. As is true with any cuisine from another country., The ingredients do not have to travel as far and the different meals are being prepared by experts in the cuisine.