Exceptional Quality Fish Bone Tweezers For All Types Of Fish

For folks who keen on purchasing fresh caught fish or like to catch their own fish, a set of good quality fish bone tweezers is a decidedly needed tool that is quite essential in the kitchen.

Even when you purchase a cleaned side of salmon or char from the fish counter at the grocery store you run into the occasional pin-bone that should be removed. You could use some needle-nose pliers, or you could try and cut around them with a knife, but both of those trials end up mangling and tearing the flesh more than extracting. Fish bone tweezers are the only tool that can do the job efficiently and Green Kitchen has an awesome set of tweezers.

This surface area of these tweezers is the main factor, because it's what allows you to get a good grip on slippery bones. These Green Kitchen tweezers have straight flat edges which allow for a more secure grip that won't permit the bone to slide away. They are designed so that it gives a very good grip and won't slip like many other tweezers do. There are quite a number of fish bone tweezers out there. This one stands out as a superior quality one with an irresistible price.

Green Kitchen also adds a bonus with every purchase, a free e-book for fish novices.

These fish bone tweezers are an must have tool for carefully removing tiny and hard to get pin bones from a fish without tearing the flesh. They are curved to fit comfortably in your hand. It has very precise edges for pulling. Strong and long-lasting stainless steel. Easy to rinse and wash. Now at a great price. We offer a lifetime guarantee. If you're unsatisfied we offer replacement or money back. Add to Cart above.

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