FFGC, Organic Decaf Gourmet Coffee – 100 Percent Pure Arabica Beans, Fantastic Quality And Taste

If you're anything like me, the need for (dare I say) an amazing decaffeinated coffee has actually been on my mind for quite a while. Do not get me wrong, I am a bonified coffee enthusiast however after a certain hour, drinking coffee negatively impacts my sleep. It's lovely to have coffee after supper with something sweet however I cannot afford staying up all night counting sheep. I have actually tried every decaf I could find and I can say without a doubt that this one is Remarkable! It has a full, rich flavor and doesn't leave me believing that it's unleaded. A girl friend of mine went to a coffee tasting evening and it was among the coffees featured there. Ever since, she's been telling everybody about it. It's slightly costlier than other decafs I have actually tried, however it's worth the little bit extra. When you are selecting a decaf coffee, you can manage to spend a little more since it's a specialized coffee and not the one you drink all the time. I had fun tasting Findlays Guilt-Free Decaf coffee with my close friend and seeing if we could actually make out all the notes suggested in the cupping notes. To my surprise, we actually could! I do not consider myself a coffee expert. I have actually had the pleasure of trying a lot of decent coffees, but I do not believe that counts… however what I found is that you do not need to be an expert to taste the subtle flavors. When you have the cupping notes as a guide, it's easier to taste the suggested flavors. I believe my palate is actually becoming more educated since when I return to my regular coffee, I am really dissatisfied.

I have to say that this business (Findlays Finest Gourmet Coffee) really goes above and beyond. Not only did they follow-up with me several times, they sent me details on the best ways to store the coffee for freshness. They also sent a list of milk and sweetener options. I am finding these ideas really valuable and am making it my mission to check out the whole list. 🙂

Findlays Finest Guilt-Free Decaf is readily available on Amazon.com, which is fantastic! They have outstanding client service and I notice that I am relying on them more and more for everyday purchases. Shipping is complimentary with orders over $35 and its sent right to your door. With my busy schedule, I really appreciate that.

Check this out at amazon.com/Findlays-Finest-Gourmet-chemical-free-artificially/dp/B00O5DKPO4/decaf coffee/

GUILT-FREE DECAF by FINDLAYS FINEST GOURMET COFFEE is made from 100 percent Organic, Arabica beans roasted to perfection to bring out the natural favor of the coffee. Swiss Water Process means that it’s not artificially processes or favored. Genuine Gourmet Coffee, like ours, consists of nothing except pure Arabica beans giving outstanding flavor as indicated by the Cupping Notes (noted below). If your coffee doesn't mention Cupping Notes, it can't honestly be considered truly Gourmet.

GREAT COFFEE RESEMBLES A FINE WINE, it's intended to be savored and enjoyed slowly. CUPPING NOTES for our GUILT-FREE DECAF feature Juicy Cherry and Plum Aaoma followed by the heightened flavor impressions of Cinnamon, Graham Cracker and sweetly summed up with a Chocolatey Softness relatively few can resist. Grown and processes without chemicals. Our Guilt-Free Decaf is strictly 100% NATURAL and definitely NOT artificially altered! Indulge yourself with this outstanding quality of GUILT-FREE DECAF from FINDLAYS FINEST GOURMET COFFEE – a Real Gourmet Taste Sensation!

PURE ARABICA BEANS, EXPERTLY SELECTED & ROASTED to showcase the best aroma and flavor in this charming ORGANIC, SWISS WATER PROCESS, DECAF blend. Grown high in the mountains where less bugs indicate that chemical pesticides and fertilizers aren't necessary, GMO-free and shade-grown for a Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) codification giving you an exceptional Premium Coffee with Distinction and Sophistication.