FFGC Organic Espresso – 100% Pure Arabica Coffee Beans, Unparalleled Quality and Outstanding Taste

Are you anything like me? Is a great cup of coffee is a vital part of your early morning routine? Absolutely! It puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face. When I became a coffee admirer for the very first time, I didn't know anything about coffee quality. I typically bought my coffee based solely on cheapest cost or clearance sale, but in the end, the coffee was a disappointment.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to Findlays Finest Gourmet Coffee (FFGC) a few weeks back and I had the chance to try their Organic Espresso. I had actually never, ever tasted a coffee with cupping notes prior to this, but it was actually good! I am no expert, by any means, but even I could taste the subtle flavors featured in the cupping notes. It opened an entirely new world to me. Now I wish to try them all! It is said that the best coffee is like a fine wine, and I am beginning to see the light. If your "gourmet coffee" doesn't include cupping notes, it cannot seriously be thought about as Really Gourmet.

Findlays Finest really delivers! They taught me how to store the coffee for the best long-term freshness and flavor and also supplied some remarkable recommendations on how to serve the coffee. I appreciate that a lot. I do not consider myself a seasoned Barista so I was happy to find out several terrific suggestions. They even included a list of sugar & milk alternatives and flavor enhancers! How cool is that? I found these ideas extremely helpful and our friends were quite wowed!

I like that this coffee is available on Amazon. With my hectic schedule, it makes life so much easier. 2 or 3 clicks and my order is delivered right to my office. They have an excellent return policy, which is amazing! Despite the fact that I've never ever had to use it, it's nice to know it's there. I have called Client services in the past, and they were amazing. You can be rest assured when buying anything with Amazon. They vet all the companies they bring onboard so you can buy with confidence. That really means a lot to me also!

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ORGANIC ESPRESSO by FINDLAYS FINEST GOURMET COFFEE contains 100% pure Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection to draw out the natural favor of the coffee. (Not synthetically favored.) Real Gourmet Coffee, like ours, contains nothing except pure Arabica beans and outstanding flavor indicated by the Cupping Notes (described below). If your coffee doesn't have Cupping Notes, it can't really be considered Truly Gourmet.

GOOD COFFEE IS LIKE A FINE WINE, it's intended to be appreciated and enjoyed over time. CUPPING NOTES for our ORGANIC ESPRESSO feature a Heavy Body and Sweet Floral Aroma. The Thick Creama gives suggestions of Fruitiness followed by the full tasting impressions of Marzipan, Dark Chocolate & Honey, sweetly summarized in a Buttery, Caramel mouth-feel, few can resist noticing. All of our coffees are strictly 100% NATURAL and definitely NOT synthetically doctored! Treat yourself to this outstanding quality of ORGANIC ESPRESSO from FINDLAYS FINEST GOURMET COFFEE – a Real Gourmet Taste Experience!

PURE ARABICA BEANS, SKILLFULLY SELECTED & ROASTED to showcase the very best aroma and flavor in this exquisite ORGANIC ESPRESSO fusion. Grown high in the mountains where less insects indicate that chemical pesticides and fertilizers aren't required, GMO-free and shade-grown for a Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) codification providing you a remarkable Premium Coffee with Distinction and Sophistication.