FFGC, Rich Espresso Gourmet Coffee – 100 Percent Pure Arabica Coffee Beans, Fantastic Quality And Taste

Coffee has always been an important part of my early morning regimen but recently I've been questioning if there was something better out there than my normal Jitter Juice. I generally purchase my coffee at Wal-Mart or Target based upon least expensive cost but to tell you the truth, it's been more and more disappointing of late. I was thinking about changing something up.

I'll confess I am a fantastic coffee lover but absolutely nowhere near an expert. I've never taken the time to educate myself about coffee. It's just a part of the routine. So when my pal welcomed me over and served me Rich Espresso from Findlays Finest Gourmet Coffee (FFGC) I was struck by her excitement. She is constantly trying new things and this time it appears she 'd been to a Public Coffee Cupping and discovered this excellent brand-new coffee company. I wasn't sure what a Coffee Cupping was, however, she set me straight; it's a coffee tasting party open to the public, normally taking place at night or on weekends, where you get to try all the latest offerings and brand-new roasts or blends. It's a fantastic method to try different coffees, she explained, and discover ones that please your tastes without buying them all separately. She discovered this brand-new business, FFGC, and enjoyed all of their coffees – Rich Espresso, Organic Espresso and Guilt-Free Decaf. She had made the Rich Espresso for me with its Fresh Pine and Soft Caramel aroma, it was quite delicious!

I was delighted to discover that these coffees were readily available on Amazon. I am a huge fan of online shopping since it's so simple. My schedule is insane which doesn't leave much time for shopping. I purchase as much as I can online to save time. Amazon has terrific totally free shipping for orders over $35, which is very simple to do. A few clicks and you're done! With their world-class customer service and simple return policy, you can't go wrong. If FFGC is with Amazon, they should be an excellent business. I have no lingering doubts buying items from them since I understand that my MasterCard information is safe.

I tried all 3 roasts over the past three weeks and they are all exceptional. What truly impressed me about Findlays Finest was the follow-up. They made sure that I got my product, and more significantly, they gave me a bunch of fantastic suggestions on ways to correctly preserve it and prepare it right, to ensure the best taste. They even threw in a list of sweetener & milk substitutes and taste enhancers. I am looking forward to trying them all!

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RICH ESPRESSO by FINDLAYS FINEST GOURMET COFFEE – 100 Percent Pure Arabica Beans, Fantastic Quality and Exceptional Flavor


Rich Espresso by Findlays Finest Gourmet Coffee contains 100 percent pure Arabica beans roasted to perfection to draw out the natural favor of the coffee. (Not artificially favored.) Real Gourmet Coffee, like ours, includes absolutely nothing but exceptional Arabica beans and outstanding flavor indicated by the Cupping Notes (noted below). If your coffee doesn't have Cupping Notes, it can't really be considered Truly Gourmet.

EXCELLENT COFFEE RESEMBLES A FINE WINE, it's meant to be appreciated and enjoyed slowly. CUPPING NOTES for our RICH ESPRESSO feature a subtle, Fresh Pine & Soft Caramel aroma. The thick creama hints of Blueberry & Blackberry Fruitiness followed by the full flavor impressions of Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate & Brown Sugar, sweetly summed up with a Buttery Frosting mouth-feel, few can turn down. Our coffees are strictly NATURAL and certainly NOT artificially flavored! Treat yourself to this outstanding quality of RICH ESPRESSO from FINDLAYS FINEST GOURMET COFFEE – a Real Gourmet Taste Experience!

PURE ARABICA BEANS, SKILLFULLY SELECTED & ROASTED to feature the very best aroma and taste in this splendid RICH ESPRESSO blend. Grown high in the mountains where fewer pests mean that chemical pesticides and fertilizers aren't required, GMO-free and shade-grown for a Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) classification giving you a superior Exquisite Coffee with Distinction and Elegance.