Free Membership incorporated With Digital Food Thermometer

A vibrant white-board video recording introduces the new buyer of the Thermo Master 3000 digital food thermometer to the bonus recipes which come with their purchase. The recipes are for three rubs, seven sauces, and a brown gravy, along with marinades.

The "super-simple" rubs utilize ingredients the viewer of the video recording probably has within their cupboard.The Brown Gravy recipe can be produced into any type of meat gravy by using the pan drippings from any kind of oven-roasted meat, including roasted chicken.

The video recording details tips on how to marinate meat and provides a recommendation for utilizing the recipe for Green Chili Sauce. Pictures of green chili enchilada casserole and a green chili smothered cheese omelet colorfully compliment the suggestions for Green Chili Sauce.

The recording closes with a photo of the Thermo Master 3000. Plainly visible are the four red buttons near the top of the thermometer: an on-off button, a Celsius/Fahrenheit button, a minimum and maximum temperature button, and "hold temperature" button, which keeps the temperature showing. This video comes to an end with information about how the Thermo Master 3000 digital meat thermometer can be acquired..