Grill Brush, Stainless Bristle are best, Cast Iron Grates, 2 Year Guarantee

A while ago I purchased a 21 inch grill brush, I quickly discovered that the frame bent at the top and the brass bristles started to flatten. As an outcome, I returned the brush and swore that I would develop a brush with a frame that would not bend and where the bristles would remain intact. I keep in mind that the bend occurred above the handle where the frame appeared and extended out for a long way. So when I developed my BBQ Grill Brush I made the handle as long as possible to avoid this issue from happening. In addition, the stainless steel bristles make the brush the very best one available to clean your BBQ or grill, especially when the grill is hot. Luckily, unlike brushes that have brass bristles this brush’s bristles will not flatten making the brush useless

This brush will assist you to clean your grill as quickly as possible. BBQ Grill Brush, Stainless Steel, For Enameled Grates, two year Guarantee, Better than Brass

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