Gym Leaf Infusion Water Bottle + Recipe E-Book – Keep Yourself Hydrated and Rejuvenated

You are always spoiled for choice shopping for an infusion water bottle online, but it feels amazing every time when you stumble across a company that not only offers you a high-quality low-priced product, but also delivers very important information on hydration as well as tips and tricks on how to experience a variety of flavors and stay healthy!

I am a very active person, I like to be outdoors and go hiking regularly. Yet my job keeps me indoors at the office most of the week. My work requires a lot of concentration and when I am that focussed I tend to loose track of some very important things such as KEEPING HYDRATED. Hydration is everything, your whole body requires water, and since I have been more attentive to my daily water consumption, I have noticed a big difference in my performance, at work and at the gym! However I felt I was still facing 2 major problems. Firstly water by itself can get boring as it doesn't have much flavor to it, and also I wanted to find a easy way to add some supplements into my water to further give me a nutrition boost so that I don't have to constantly be worried about eating too much fruit or taking chemical supplements. So to sum up, I needed a way to help me get that fusion of nutrients throughout the week to increase my performance in all area's with ease and detoxify my body as well as keep myself hydrated at the same time.

After doing some research on the internet I came across what seemed to be the perfect product on Amazon; infuser water bottle! Since I am a huge fan of (for their fast shipping and effective customer service), I thought I would give them a go.

You really have too many choices on Amazon, yet I wanted something unique, and that's when when I came across Gym Leaf. I found this bottle to be made for all areas, whether it's at the gym, outdoors, or even indoors like at the office, it just works. The design is elegant, yet casual at the same time and the easy handle makes it easy for travelling. Most importantly, the eBook has a huge advantage, as there loads of infused water recipes to get me started as well very informative facts on hydration. I really liked how each recipe had its attributed health benefit. My favourite is the pineapple-strawberry cooler with sage, I didn't know sage had calming effects!

I am very satisfied with such a small purchase. If you are looking for your own infuser water bottle then I encourage you to click the link below and order your own and see for yourself. We are coming close to summer which is the ideal time. If you decide to go for it, let me know your thoughts!

Gym Leaf Infuser Water Bottle: The perfect outdoor/indoor infuser water bottle to keep yourself healthy and hydrated.

Design: 24 ounce size, fits perfectly in your car cup holder. The 'Easy Handle' makes it ideal for travelling and exercise. Smart design to hold the accurate proportion of fruit to water. Our fruit infuser holder is made to be not too big or small, just right to give the right squeeze and pressure on your fruit without having to use too much, thereby infusing more flavour!

Material: 100% BPA Free: Made from the highest quality, impact-resistant Tritan safe plastic. Eco Friendly making it safe for you and the environment.
Premium construction for reduced condensation and superior insulation of both hot & cold liquids.

Bonus eBook: With Flavorful Infused Water Tips & Recipes, all with their attributed health benefits. Also included is a section with some insight on the importance of hydration. Get informed and get Creative! A healthy and fun way to keep hydrated, ideal for travelling, the gym, hiking, camping and even the office or at home.

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