Like Caramel Corn And Kettle Corn For Two Amazing Foods

If you’re looking for the following great food item you must think of kettle corn and caramel corn balls. Both of these are delicious and also have a great corn taste. Kettle corn is a healthier alternative and yes it contains some great health benefits. Caramel corn isn’t a healthy treat, but it is regarded as a wholesome treat when compared to chocolate bars and potato chips. I have already been thoroughly savoring all these snacks within the last little while. Let me tell you why I really like both of them.

When you’re in the mood for the light munch, you know, something which isn’t weighty on the tummy and you still feel healthy, you’ll want some kettle corn. I eat handfuls of this stuff and it is so light I hardly take in any calories or fat. The great thing is that I am receiving some nutritional advantages as I am eating. Kettle corn is a superb source of nutrients such as protein, fiber, and iron. These are generally important for an lively person. And if you have kids this snack is perfect for them since it will provide these nutrients and stop your children from gaining unhealthy weight that is a serious problem these days.

Now when you’ve got a sweet tooth you may want to think about the caramel corn. It isn’t as healthy but if you are eating a small serving for a dessert or treat this can be ideal. It has a great caramel flavor that goes surprisingly with the popcorn. The best is when you will find a soft caramel corn that’s simple to chew on and possesses an incredible consistency. The thing I love about caramel corn is it reminds me of my mom making it in the family kitchen. It was always a favorite treat.

I definitely enjoy those two incredible snacks and hope you give them a chance and savor. Make sure to go for quality over savings when you shop at a supermarket. It’s worthwhile in case you appreciate foodstuff like I really do.