Matcha Green Tea Powder – The Oldest Superfood

The best kept Superfood secret known to man has actually been right under your nose! The Chinese and the Japanese have actually been consuming this effective antioxidant for well over 1000 years. The Japanese refer to it as Matcha. In Japanese "cha" implies tea and "ma" implies powder. You may also know it as powdered green tea. Most recently it has actually been by Japanese culture made use of it in their tea customs.

As the story goes a Zen Buddhist Monk brought seeds back from travels to China about 1100A. D. back to Japan. Those seeds where then grown on temple grounds in Kyoto Japan as well as Zen viewpoints were infused into Japanese culture.

At the time of the Tang Dynasty in China, tea was stone ground into a super fine powder and afterwards was blended with water to drink. These kinds of powdered tea drinks are often referred to as cake teas. Then as one dynasty passed over to the next steeped teas became popular and still today stay the most utilized method of consuming tea.

Tea derives from the tea plant "Camellia Sinensis", a shrub native to Southern China. Green tea is noted for being the healthiest of all teas due to the absence of processing. Excellent care is taken in the growing and cultivation of green tea to preserve its natural benefits. Specific to Matcha tea, the tea plant is shaded from direct sunlight during a part of the growing period, which is why matcha tends to be so bright and vibrant color. Shading the plant during this time likewise assists the plant retain unbelievable quantities of health promoting qualities.

Throughout harvest terrific care is taken in selecting the leaves that will make up the final product. The leaves selected from the first harvest are reserved for just the finest of matcha. The leaves are then dried, and stone ground into a super great powder. If you can believe it can take up to 1 hour for this process to produce just one single ounce of matcha green tea powder. WOW!

Matcha green tea powder is 10-15x more potent than routine green tea. It likewise has 137x the ECGC's antioxidants than routine green tea.

There are lots of Matcha green tea powders to choose from on the market today. Years ago you would need to import Matcha powder directly from Japan at expense. Now it is as simple as going Amazon and searching for EPIC MATCHA and there you will discover the highest quality certified matcha green tea powder readily available. Adding this EPIC Superfood to your 3 times a day with enhance your state of mind and supercharge your metabolic rate.

If youresemble the majority of people, you most likely start the early morning with coffee or soda, but then you feel jittery and afterwards later on crash. This leaves you feeling even worse than before, and looking for another pick-me-up.
Whether you're attempting to increase your energy, metabolic rate, focus or state of mind, Epic Matcha organic green tea powder offers you what you need to finally awaken your mind and body.
Exactly what makes matcha amazing?
The answer is simple. Matcha goes all the way back to when Chinese monks found it 1,100 years ago. Fast-forward to today … science has actually proven that matcha is the most powerful source of calm energy and has MORE antioxidants than superfoods like goji, açai, blueberries, pomegranates, broccoli & spinach COMBINED. Matcha has 10-15x the nutrients and 137x the ECGC's antioxidants (fat burners) than regular green tea.
Exactly what makes Epic Matcha's brand name remarkable?
We've been testing, tasting and searching for the best all natural matcha green tea powder at more than 60 tea farms in Japan. Naturally grown in Japan, our premium Epic Matcha leaves are lovingly carefully picked and particularly gathered for greener color, softer texture, milder flavor and sweeter aroma. The leaves are then stone ground by hand, instead of by a machine.
And you'll be grateful to know that Epic Matcha features our 100 % ROCK SOLID, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you don't LOVE the matcha, for whatever reason, then all you need to do is shoot us a fast email and we'll right away refund every cent.
So order now and when you do, consider getting 2 … one for house and one for the workplace.

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