Olive Oak Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Healthy Alternative For Dipping, Baking And Gourmet Foods

Gourmet Grade Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Estate Harvested By Hand And Processed Without Blending Of Various Harvests Or Sources Truly Comes From Our Trees To Your Home
Little Family Orchard – Nurtured And Hand Picked Olives
– Gold Medal Winning
– Estate Grown And Cold Processed
– 100 % Extra Virgin

Being a little Family Orchard ensures that just best EVOO is received by our consumers.
Each years harvest is Hand Picked And Cold Processed making use of just the olives From Olive Oak Ranch
No Other orchards or Other years harvests are ever utilized to achieve the Superior Taste of our Oil “From Our Trees To Your Home”.
Taste the Difference of our Extraordinary And Award Winning, Premium Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Total Satisfaction And Assured.
Take This Chance And Treat Yourself Today.

I am a real food snob when it comes to finding the right ingredients for cooking and baking. This extra virgin olive oil, Olive Oak Ranch Brand, is precisely what I search for when making use of olive oil for my dishes! I try to cook healthy for my family and have been surprised to discover that the majority of the huge commercial brands of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can be found in the grocery stores are not in fact real EVOO’s. They make use of olives from all over the world without any regard for when they were collected or whether there are bulk, non-olive oils included. The flavor of Olive Oak Ranch’s EVOO is exactly what you want to find. Great fresh, clean, grassy olive taste upfront with a nice peppery finish is exactly how Extra Virgin Olive Oil ought to taste. Olive Oak Ranch Brand rings true on all these accounts! What what also sold me was this is produced from a little domestic orchard and it can be found right here on Amazon.com !! Exactly what can be better!

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