Organic Vegan Milk Bag with Original Closure that Makes it O So Better!

Who knew you could improve on the basic nut milk bag? But somehow at Organic Family Products, they have done it. And it is definitely O So Better just like they claim!

There is a amazing amount of vegan milk bags on the Amazon website and I have bought several of them. Most are big and that is ideal. The O So Better Bag is as well. A full 11 x 12 inches so it is perfect for lactose-free milks, juicing or as a fine mesh strainer, musts in any holistic kitchen.

What is significant to me though is it is also built from organic cotton muslin. I prefer organic and natural materials when making food for my household and I value that Organic Family Products has demanded organic, unbleached, additive free muslin for their nut milk bag.

It also provides a no seam bottom. I buy on Amazon a good deal and I don't think I have spotted another one like that. Almost all are rounded which necessitates a seam. I have discovered rice meal or food can build up there and simply slow straining. It is also more solid at the stress point of the bag where it can be stressed by pressing so this bag will last longer.

Then there is the O So Better Bags development. A patent pending connected elastic loop as opposed to the dozens of others on Amazon that close with a drawstring.

It is tricky to take hold of a drawstring to untie it on a damp nut milk bag, in particular if it is hot from boiling. Then is it tricky to open the bag because the resistance slows the string in the track.

Drawstrings take two hands to tie up but the attached elastic loop of the O So Better Bag slips around the top of the bag just like you make a ponytail. I twist is no more than twice for sprouting but wrap it three times and you make a secure closure which won't allow your food or pulp to slip out the top.

Plus the added loop won't slide back inside the hem or disappear. It's always handy.

I love my all new Nut Milk Bag and admit that it is O So Better. Many thanks, Organic Family Products, for thinking of my organic family and making us an exceptional bag!

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Paleo Milk Bag Organic Cotton by O-So Better Bags

It's not just a different nut milk bag!

It has numerous uses.

– Cotton Strainer Bag
– Cold Brew Drip coffeemaker
– Sprouts Maker Bag
– Beer Brew Bag
– Tea Brewing Bag
– And more!

And it is produced O-So Better.

Although it looks basic, our modification makes the difference. How is our patent pending development more ideal than a drawstring?

– Have you ever tried to unknot a damp drawstring? Especially on a warm bag of tea or grain? It can be very frustrating!
– What about when the string slips back inside the hem? Who has the determination or time to retrieve it?
– Then there is the lost string. I'm sure that has never occurred to you, but then there is the rest of us.
What makes it better?

– Added elastic loop makes bag simple to open and close, even when soaked and the string won't get separated!
– Easily adjust how firmly to close your bag: just wrap the loop once or twice or three times! Press and squeeze with no escape out the top. Boil it and no tea, coffee or grain will get out of the top.
– No seam bottom makes easier straining and durability at the main pressure point. Almond meal or juicing pulp won't stop up in the seam.
– Manufactured from unbleached, untreated, food grade, certified natural cotton.
– Quick and easy to care for. Only turn inside out, rinse and wash in the kitchen sink with an organic soap. Air dry, fix it from it's connected loop in the sunshine or put in the dryer. Can be machine washed as well.
Your total satisfaction assured. No trouble returns.

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