Premium Wine Chiller – An Original Addition To Any Home Kitchen At An Affordabe Cost!

Really Practical Wine Chiller, A Necessity In Any Home Kitchen!

The other week, I was out with some friends at a popular new restaurant that had actually recently opened. After getting a bottle of wine, we were a little puzzled to see that the wine was served with an intresting pourer that had a stick attached to it. We thought this was a novel idea and asked the waiter exactly what this was all about.

It turns out that this wine chiller is really extremely useful in addition to looking excellent in one's wine bottle. Since it chills the wine from inside of the bottle, there is less of a mess or bottle sweating than traditional wine chillers because there are is no ice cubes involved and it preserves the perfect wine temperature, without weakening the flavour of the wine!

The one that was used by the restaurant is readily available on, which I thought was awesome as they have fast shipping and a premier return policy, ensuring that every transaction is a positive one. The waiter had great things to say about this wine chiller, by ChillaVino, and mentioned it is simple to spot amongst the sea of competing wine chillers as they can be quickly identified by searching for the elegant box that encompasses the wine chiller which stands out among the sea of alternatives.

The wine chiller is small, easily stored and extremely reasonably priced so I purchased 2 packages thinking it would be useful when I had guests over and I'm delighted I did! I have actually received many flattering remarks from numerous guests for my wine chillers. It is very easily assembled with the instructions conveniently placed at the back of the box. More importantly, when you're finished with the chiller, you can simply put it into the dishwasher.

I do not typically discuss items that I buy online however I need to admit, I'm genuinely impressed by this wine chiller. I can see how it would be useful for anyone, regardless if it's for a white wine, a red wine or a rose wine. The next time I'm searching for a small gift that I know someone will value, I know exactly what I'm purchasing. I advise you to check them out for yourself by clicking the link below- I'm sure you'll be as delighted as I am!


Bring home a ChillaVino Wine Chiller Stick to relieve you from the pain of dealing with those old wine chillers.


• 4 in 1 product featuring a chiller, aerator, stopper and pourer
• BPA and dishwasher ready for fast & simple care
• Top-Level quality materials used. Liquid gel inside the plastic stick with stainless steel logo imprint and strong plastic pourer
• The wine chiller is specifically made to fit any bottle of wine
• The Chiller will retain the suitable wine temperature for any sort of wine


• The distinctive elegant design of the ChillaVino is a sure crowd pleaser
• Chill without the Spill. Doesn’t require any ice to chill your wine which avoids any mess or dilution of the wine.
• This incredibly created chiller will keep your wine at the suitable temperature for approximately 1 hour.
•The elegantly designed box can store your ChillaVino and can be proudly displayed in your home.
• One of the leading gift ideas out there. Any wine loving friend or family member will enjoy greatly this gift.


• Place the stick in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. It can be stored in the freezer at all times for convenience.
• Once the stick is frozen, connect to the pourer.
•Pour about a glass of wine to make room for the chill stick and then put the assembled pourer into the wine bottle.
•Pour your wine through the pourer and savor your wine!

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