Professional Stainless Steel Cooling Rack For Grilling

I am glad to offer you our premium roasting racks which are constructed of highest grade stainless steel. These racks are durable, not overweight and also have a checkered spaced grid style to stop your cookies slipping through the spaces. It's not too heavy, and it is perfectly suitable for the dishwasher.

It is an extremely essential tool for your kitchen and will look great on your worktop. These cooling racks work fabulously for cooling various baked items such as bacon, bread, brownies and cakes to state the least.

Did i disregard to mention it also works fantastic for roasting your lamb. It can be easily used as a stand to garnish your chicken breast like adding various spices before slipping it in the oven. It's been analyzed and tried out to stand up to temperature more than 500 degrees so it comes out as durable as it was before use, this means it will survive for an extended period of time.

I really like making cookies and cooking foods for my children. Previously after baking I'd get them out of the kitchen oven and just place them on top of pieces of tin foil to cool,that wastes a whole lot of tinfoil, because I always chuck it away later on. With this rack the cookies cool remarkably quick and more even upon this rack, because the air is able to circulate around the cookies rather than just cooling from the top.

Moreover, I love the way the rack sits above the worktop on short legs, because this makes the rack very steady so nobody is likely to be in a position to knock it over.

If you are a keen baker like myself, i'd strongly urge you to pick up some before they run out !

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