Silicone Hot Mats – Trivit – Lid Opener – six inch

Who is tired of burning those ordinary old material pot holders on the range? Don't you hate how, depending on the quality of product used, your pot holders and/or mitts wind up fraying, burning, or melting? Are you tired of going through mitten after mitten or pot holder after pot holder?

It's about time you experienced Living Basics's Silicone Hot Pads. These hot pads are great for the removal of casserole dishes out of the oven. Or a hot mug of tea out of the microwave oven. How about that burnt out light that needs to be changed otherwise you'll stay in the darkness? Grab a hot pad and get to using asap!

Amazon has a huge array of hot pads but make sure you get the highest quality from Living Basics.

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Away to those scorched fingers. Every Chef's key …

Protect those fingers with Living Basic's Silicone Hot Pads
– 100% FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone with SGS authorizations
– Non-Toxic
– High Density, Food-Grade Material
– Temp Variety from -40° F to Over 450° F.- Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer protected.
– Non-Stick and flexible.
– 1/8" thick, 6" round pad.
– Multiple Kitchen area Uses.
– Many Washroom Uses.
– Hundreds of Utility Uses.

Hassle-free, Easy to Clean, and Unbelievably Versatile.
These hot pads have a number of uses such as pot holders, candle coasters, beverage coasters, flat/curling irons mat, light bulb remover and much more.

Do you ever have those days when that jar of extremely scrumptious desserts will just not open? Snatch one of Living Basic's silicone hot pads, cover around the lid, and pop that lid straight off. Light bulb just go out and it's too warm to snatch? You've got it! Snatch one of Living Basic's silicone hot pads and change the bulb quickly and easily. You can use them as utensil pads and leave your counters mess free. Rinse them under warm water with some dish soap and watch as the debris just cleans away. Use as a mat when using your hot iron things, no more burn marks on the counter tops. And! when you are done, hook these round hot pads on a nail or hook using their incorporated hole for quick and easy storage.

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