The Secret of Aerators. Indispensable for the most enjoyable fine dining experience.

It’s interesting to note that while there are many people who enjoy a fine red wine and have varying amounts of knowledge in the field, there is a surprisingly high percentage of people who are not aware of just how well a wine aerator can work.

In a recent survey it was found that only about 20% of wine tasting enthusiasts knew about wine aerators, other than traditional decanters, and that 20% already had an aerator, and always used it on a routine basis. This data shows that once a wine lover knows about aerators, they almost always buy one. And they love it.

The concept of letting a red wine breathe, is to allow the wine to blend with the air. Red wines need to aerate because they are aged in the barrel along with the seeds and skins of the grape and produce bitter tannins as the alcohol forms.

Breathing allows these tannins to evaporate and for a mature wine, breathing can occur in as little as 15 to 20 minutes using a old fashion decanter.

The Arome Du Vin accelerates this essential aeration by exposing the wine’s maximum surface area to the air and then drawing air bubbles into the wine as it flows. It does this in 3 stages, instead of one. This three stage process eliminates tannins almost immediately resulting in maximum aroma and flavor softness.

When one buyer was contacted by email, he stated that he already had one aerator but was intrigued by the 3 stage aeration process of the Arome Du Vin, instead of just a single stage.

He wrote in the 5 Star review, “I received my Arome Du Vin on Friday evening, and put it to use the very next day. I took this aerator to a group that I meet with every Saturday to taste wine. I can tell you that everyone was impressed with this aerator, and it exceeded our expectations. We put it up against similar aerators that we keep at our cellar, and it really was a clear choice of all in attendance. I would also like to say that the packaging of this product was very nice, and it arrived ahead of the original date that was promised.”

Another delighted customer of the Arome Du Vin wrote the following, “I enjoy wine. I usually just open the bottle to let it breath. A friend of mine recommended I get an Aerator. They suggested “Arome Du Vin.” After using it I will never drink another bottle without it. I couldn’t believe the difference. It even comes with a great stand to hold it in. If you want a great Aerator product, this is it. You won’t be disappointed.”

It was found there are two different approaches to using the Arome Du Vin, those who pour through the Arome Du Vin aerator directly into the glass for immediate improvement and those who pour through the Arome Du Vin into a decanter thereby reducing aeration time in preparation for a wine tasting. This second method is primarily advantageous in wine tasting competition of a young of fine wine.

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Your guests will be impressed, and so will you.


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