VINOMIO Wine Chiller – For Perfectly Tempered Wines Every Time

Last Christmas I was gifted a wine appreciation course by an excellent pal of mine and during that week I was blasted away by all the unbelievable aspects of wine: wine making, wine tasting, the multitude of various wine producing regions around the globe, various grape varieties, even the importance of the right temperature level of wine!

So I started to do my own searches on the web: things like envisioning my next journey to Australia, working out a good intinerary that takes me from one vineyard to another. During the course of my searches I discovered some truly creative wine devices: There are the vacuum systems for closing the bottle air-tight or the drip dicky that captures any stray drops of wine as you pour, but I also stumbled upon stainless steel wine chillers. These essentially keep the wine at, or take it to the right temperature level from inside the bottle and not from the exterior in the way an ice container would do.

I then immediately googled to purchase one and I ended up purchasing the Vinomio wine chiller at Amazon, since it was on sale and it looked like rather an excellent choice compared to a few of the other products I saw. I have to state, I am a massive fan of Amazon because of their exceptional client service, truly fast deliveries and a supreme return service which makes returning a product a breeze, since often we simply order something that turns out not excellent after all.

So i can truly recommend getting this wine chiller at Amazon: you won't be dissatisfied!

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– VINOMIO keeps your wine chilled to PERFECTION from INSIDE the bottle.
– Clean and easy drip-free pouring with automatic aeration allows your preferred white, red or champagnes to unleash their full taste.
– Sleek and classic mediterranean design. Durable and constructed to last.
Are you tired of of utilizing drippy wine containers and unattractive cooling cuffs at your dinner table? VINOMIO is the most elegant means to manage the temperature level of your preferred wine next time your buddies come to visit. And unlike with other wine chillers, there is no need to remove VINOMIO from the bottle to pour: VINOMIO's built-in aerator allows you to pour precisely and cleanly through the stylish drip-free spout. All this while ensuring your wine is kept at the ideal temperature level.
– Wine is automatically aerated as you pour
– Pre-chilled white or champagnes maintain their ideal temperature level for up to an hour
– Red wines can be cooled down to the advised serving temperature level in about 10 – 20 minutes
– Quick and easy, clean and drip-free
Make sure to take care of your VINOMIO as instructed and we ensure you will be liking it for a lifetime.
The VINOMIO wine chiller is the ideal accessoire for severe wine fans and passionate hosts: Amaze your buddies and visitors with perfectly tempered drinks everytime!