Want Amazing Baked Potatoes From The Microwave Every Single Time?

Have you ever been in a hurry, and didn’t have time to bake your potatoes in the oven, so you tossed them in the microwave – and they came out all shriveled up and tough?

There is a secret to getting the perfect baked potato in a fraction of the time, from your microwave! The secret is the Microwave Potato Bag.

The potato bag is designed to retain just the correct amount of moisture while your potatoes are cooking. All you have to do is wash the potatoes, slip them into the bag (you don’t want to poke holes in them), and set your timer based upon your microwave instructions. If you want a more moist potato, you can leave them wet and wrap them in a paper towel before cooking. Your potato will come out fluffy with a tender outer skin every time!

The bag works great on all types of baked potatoes. It also works perfectly on most other vegetables, including corn on the cob, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, squash, carrots, onions, etc.

You can also warm tortilla shells, rolls, muffins, bread and biscuits. Baked goods come out tasting like they just came out of the oven!

I take mine directly from the microwave to the table! It dresses up your table while keeping your food nice and warm.

The premium bags that I found are made by “Hot Potato Microwave Bags”, and are superior to most bags on the market for several reasons:

– They are handmade in the USA, from 100% cotton fabric, insulation, liner, and thread (so it won’t melt from the heat, like polyester and other materials may do). It is all sewn, without glues, like the cheaper ones that are made in China. They are all natural, organic and safe to cook your food in!
– The microwave potato bag measures approximately 10″ x 10″, with a flap that is designed to stay closed while cooking.
– Machine washable.
– Come in a wide variety of colors and pattern designs – there are even round ones if you prefer to have round bags than square ones.

These Microwave Potato Bags are created with a unique insulation design that creates a steam pocket that retains just the correct amount of moisture for the perfect baked potato – Not too soggy – Not too dry!