Ways To Create Your Own Honey Glaze Ham Sauce

Ham is one of my preferred foods to consume during the summer season time. I have actually been making ham on the grill for many years and I constantly like to experiment with brand-new recipes for ham. I believed I had actually tried everything, however I still never ever felt like I tried the very best ham recipe up until watching this video.

Before watching this ham recipe video, I never ever understood how to make a honey glaze. Wow, all I can state is I have actually seen the light! This honey glaze was so sweet and delicious. It was also extremely simple to make. I’m an experienced chef as well as I get puzzled often with challenging recipes. It really is as simple as blending all of the ingredients together in a bowl and them rubbing the honey glaze on your ham when its ready to serve.

I know this could appear a little unusual, however I also tried this honey glazed recipe on some chicken the other day. Honey and chicken isn’t something you would normally believe fit, however with this recipe it tasted great. I’m excited to see exactly what other foods I can attempt the honey glaze on in the next couple weeks.