What To Get A Zombie, Cajun, And Hot Sauce Lover

If the person you are shopping for this Holiday enjoys the Walking Dead, Swamp People or even Duck Dynasty. This Video has something for you. Zombie Cajun has actually presented 3 new sauces to compliment there original Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce. Also just in time for the holidays they are presenting these new sauces in a gift box containing all 4 of there sauces. The Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Box has a little something for everybody. They guarantee you that you will find your new favorite Hot Sauce in this gift pack or they will give you your money back.

The original Zombie Cajun is all about rich Cajun flavor and very little focus on the heat. Aged Cayenne peppers blended with Cajun spices produces a taste to improve most any dish.

If heat is what you want then the new Antidote hot sauce will be your new favorite. Its ranked a 10 from 10 for heat, but still holds on to the rich Cajun flavor. You better enjoy the flavor while you can before the heat sets in.

If Garlic drives your taste buds, then Zombie Cajun Garlic may be your new favorite. It has the exact same Cajun spices as the original but it is mixed with garlic to give it a distinct flavor all its own.

Finally they have the Lagniappe (lan-Yap) Hot Pepper Sauce. This sauce is all about offering you something extra. It is extra thick, and extra spicy. It has an extremely one-of-a-kind rich flavor that you need to experience yourself.

The gift box consists of all 4 sauces and is packed in a nice box ready for gift offering. Zombies, Cajuns, and Hot Sauce all wrapped up in one package. Sure to please most anybody on your gift list this season.