White Mulberry Tea – Dr Oz Featured It As the Next Health Food Sensation

If you wish to manage your blood glucose and help your heart at the same time, look no further. White mulberry tea is the new wellness sensation that’s sweeping the country.

The tea was featured on Dr Oz last September and December. Oz says the tea is effective when it concerns its wellness benefits. White mulberry leaves have experts thrilled since they may help avoid diabetes.

The leaves of the white mulberry tree (Morus alba) grow naturally throughout China and Asia and have actually been used for centuries to support general wellness and well being. They have actually been used to avoid and deal with lots of wellness conditions, including cold symptoms, weight reduction, blood vessel issues, and diabetes.

You may be shocked to discover that mulberry tea leaves include 25 times more calcium than milk. Not just that, mulberry leaves have actually ten times more iron than spinach, and over two times the fiber of green tea. Not surprising that it was used in China for thousands of years as a medical natural herb!

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The best ways to Prepare Mulberry Tea:.

Begin by boiling ‘Pure’ water – 6 to 8 ozs (200 to 250ml).

Place one teaspoon of Mulberry Leaf into your pot. Let the water cool for about one minute.

Water temperature level just below the boiling point is ideal at 160 to 200 degrees F (71 to 93 C).

Pour a little water over the leave to rinse, then remove. Fill your pot with water and steep 3 to 5 minutes. Pour, serve & enjoy!

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This is the actual tea seen on Dr Oz when he hailed White Mulberry Tea a “Super-Food” and “The Next Health Food Sensation.”

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