Month: March 2009

keithjennison March 31, 2009

Generally speaking, whole or natural foods encompass anything unprocessed or unrefined, without additives like fat, salt or sugar. They may be grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and non-homogenized milk. Whole food is not necessarily organic, although they share many of the same agricultural techniques. Some ardent vegans and vegetarians promote eating only natural, healthy […]

keithjennison March 30, 2009

Million-dollar ad campaigns on healthy eating bombard the public. While those campaigns are trying to reduce obesity and other illnesses like cancer and heart disease, developers of fructose-laden candy and snack foods run competing ads. It’s no wonder that individuals become confused about what foods they should eat and how much they should consume. It’s […]

keithjennison March 29, 2009

Though many differences exist among various ages, cultures and locations, cooking remains a common passion.Each region of the world has it’s own distinct way of cooking, passed down from generation to generation.But what is common among all places with their cooking traditions is that people want to make full use of the training they get […]

keithjennison March 29, 2009

Most people would just shake a little salt on it and it is done. They think that this action is good enough to make the soup taste better.But there are better ways for a chef to make the soup taste better. It doesn’t require too much sodium.First and foremost, reflect on the ingredients of the […]

keithjennison March 28, 2009

Sometimes, when you have had a rough day and everything has seemed to go wrong and the tide seems constantly against you, there is just no better way to wash away the irritations, frustrations, disappointments and annoyances of the day than by treating yourself to a delectable treat. Chocolates sweets are a perfect choice to […]

keithjennison March 26, 2009

Farming organic foods decreases the amount of pollutants in our groundwater and creates richer plant soil, says the Organic Trade Association. It is also believed that the absence of pesticides allows plants to produce more natural vitamins and antioxidants. It has yet to be proven whether these chemicals are linked to cancer, but some people […]

keithjennison March 23, 2009

There are two secrets to preventative medicine; exercise and diet modification. Numerous studies have shown that hitting the gym (or even just walking!) 3-5 days each week considerably reduces the risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer and many other health problems. One needn’t necessarily cut out his or her favorite foods to lose a few […]

keithjennison March 15, 2009

The phrase “you are what you eat” really sums up why you should be mindful of your favorite foods. Gobbling down a sticky hot cinnamon bun fresh from the microwave might seem like a great idea until you find yourself crashing hard in a few hours. It can be tempting to use frozen Weight Watchers […]