Month: April 2009

admin April 30, 2009

It’s pretty amazing, but there are only two different kinds of beers, ales and lagers. Whether a beer is an ale or a lager has nothing to do with the color or heaviness of the beer. With lagers, the yeast settles to the bottom of the pot to ferment, with ales the yeast floats on […]

keithjennison April 28, 2009

Fresh seafood and fish is the cornerstone of a healthy diet and lifestyle and it can easily be prepared in many different ways. Red and white meats are known for their artery-clogging cholesterol and high fat content. Seafood contains generous amounts of omega-3 fatty acids; acids that are heart-friendly and have been shown to reduce […]

keithjennison April 25, 2009

While it is true that certain people from some ancient cultures of Latin America have long revered chocolate as a healthful substance that was used to treat various maladies, it is also true that it has never really been looked at as anything but an indulgence in the modern Western culture. In fact, there have […]

keithjennison April 24, 2009

Have there ever been times in your life when you gobbled down some wonderful gourmet chocolates that you were given as a gift or just bought for yourself? If those fine chocolates happened to be dark chocolate, then you might have done your taste buds a disservice by rushing through them. How you go about […]

keithjennison April 24, 2009

Packaging is extremely concerning to maintain the freshness of foodstuffs; a nice package job not only keeps the eatable fresh for long but also plays crucial role in its safety by stopping external factor, which can damage the food. Eatables such as meat, poultry and seafood are supposed to be quite perishable. They required to […]

keithjennison April 21, 2009

Natural foods are foods that lack refined sugars, refined flours, milled grains, hydrogenated oils, sweeteners, food colors, or artificial flavorings. Some advocates say they choose organic foods and natural food because they feel processed foods promote obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, among other things. Other proponents feel that natural, healthy foods are a way […]

keithjennison April 18, 2009

Has there been a time when you have gazed at those magazine and recipe book photographs of a perfect batch of luscious chocolate chip cookies and set about to replicate the sight in your own kitchen? Have you longed to be able to produce such a marvelous looking and tempting plate of homemade cookies for […]

admin April 15, 2009

When the specialty or “microbrew” craze hit in the 80’s and 90’s, just about any beer could call itself anything it wanted. Microbrew was the favoured as “micro”… small… small is good was the theory. Well at some point the government got involved and said to the brewers that if you brew more than “x” […]

keithjennison April 9, 2009

Preparing a lobster dinner may seem like a formidable task for those who are unsure of the steps in the process. After all, it must be purchased within just a few hours of being eaten and must be alive immediately before it is cooked. A short guide on choosing, handling and eating delicious lobsters is […]

keithjennison April 8, 2009

Here is a great Italian recipe, Fantastic Cod fillet stuffed with basil and wrapped in parma ham on a rich tomato fettuccine This dish is fantastic and so easy to do,but make sure not to overcook the fish. If you do not have time to make a tomato sauce then most good quality jars of […]