keithjennison April 18, 2009

Has there been a time when you have gazed at those magazine and recipe book photographs of a perfect batch of luscious chocolate chip cookies and set about to replicate the sight in your own kitchen? Have you longed to be able to produce such a marvelous looking and tempting plate of homemade cookies for your family, neighbors or friends?

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If you have ever experienced that, then you can be comforted to know you are not alone, not by a long shot. The fact is that those are staged pictures and there were probably only a dozen cookies chosen for the picture out of hundreds that were made for the photo shoot. Nobody in their home kitchen can compete with that, in addition to the skills and talents of well paid food stylists whose job it is to make everything look delectable.

However, it is important to keep in mind that it does not matter as much about how cookies look, especially when you are comparing them to professional photographs, but how good those chocolate chips taste to the recipient, or to the cook herself.

Add great taste to a loving heart and kind hands that prepared them and the scintillating aroma of them baking in the kitchen will be what is remembered long after they have been gobbled up.

But it should always be remembered that when you compare your own cookie making efforts to that of professionals, you will probably be disappointed. If you baked them with love and shared them with friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members , then the cookies filled with dark chocolate chips, or white chocolate chips for that matter, will no doubt be a hit and make perfect gourmet gift baskets, of course barring any major wrong turns when following the recipe.

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Are you hoping to have every batch of cookies made with chocolate chips come turn out to be wonderfully soft and chewy when making sugar free chocolates? If so, then you are like most people and the good news is that making the perfect chocolate chip cookie really is fairly simple and not that hard, especially if you let go of the expectation that each one will look like it belongs on a magazine cover or tucked into gourmet gift baskets. The trick is simply to have a good recipe in hand and to follow it as closely as possible.

One problem with some recipes for cookies made with chocolate chips is that they instruct the baker to drop a spoonful of batter onto the cookie sheet and then put them into the oven until they appear to be a nice golden brown. Unfortunately, that advice is all wrong and by the time you see the top of the cookies turning brown the bottoms have already gotten overcooked and are dark brown or even burned.

From that point of being over-baked, when you let them cool they will end up getting hard and becoming more like jaw breakers than the handmade chocolates treat you intended for them to be.

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It is easy enough to remedy this common outcome and all that you need to do is adjust the baking time. Usually taking two minutes off the time recommended in the recipe will do the trick, but you might need to do a couple experimental batches by adjusting the size of the cookie drop and the time.

You might need to experiment with a batch or two to get just the right size of dough drops and time, but with a little patience you will end up being able to produce endless batches of soft, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies that people will be fighting over.