keithjennison April 24, 2009

Have there ever been times in your life when you gobbled down some wonderful gourmet chocolates that you were given as a gift or just bought for yourself? If those fine chocolates happened to be dark chocolate, then you might have done your taste buds a disservice by rushing through them. How you go about eating chocolates makes the difference between tasting a chocolate flavor and experiencing a decadent, confectionary delight.

When one eats the finest of chocolates in the right way, they can enjoy a taste sensation that can become an experience one can remember for a long time, even after the last traces of the sumptuous candy has melted away. But before gourmet chocolates can truly be savored, they need to be properly prepared. Chocolates should never be eaten frozen or chilled, unless there is some type of emergency at hand, such as being lost in the wilderness with nothing but a chocolate candy bar to give you sustenance.

dark chocolate
Instead, it is best to eat any kind of fine chocolates, and especially chocolate varieties, only after they have warmed to room temperature. If that is the case, then just pull them out and have a bit of patience and enjoy the anticipation as the chocolates get to the right temperature for savoring.

After your dark chocolates have been acclimated to room temperature, the next thing you need to provide in order to gain the maximum experience is time. It is a good rule of thumb for healthy eating in general and can be applied when consuming the finest of chocolates as well: focus on your food or mothers day gifts, take the time to enjoy it, and don’t let distractions draw your attention away from the task at hand, which is to savor the subtle flavors fully and completely.

chocolate gifts
Along with that, there is also somewhat of a mindset that goes along with completely enjoying dark chocolates. Don’t simply rip into a fine gourmet chocolates package, but instead unwrap the chocolate bar, the truffles, or the box of chocolates slowly and take in the sight as well as the aroma of the finely crafted cacao delicacies. Taking the time to enjoy the rich aroma of the chocolates will only help to make the flavor all the more intense.

Now, you should be ready to take your first bite of your dark, rich chocolate treasure. Nibble off a small portion and allow that portion of fine chocolates to sweep across the tongue slowly. Let the chocolate delight exude all of its unique sweetness, flavor and pungency.

fine chocolates
There is very little that can compare to the experience of slowly relishing and being able to sense the exquisite layering of flavors that is especially unique to dark chocolate treats. When you slow down, pay attention and really take the time to focus on your taste buds, you will discover layer after layer of flavors in dark chocolates that are simply not to be found with other basics, like milk chocolate candy bars.