Month: April 2009

keithjennison April 7, 2009

Portable healthy snacks are the latest trend in the snacking industry. Wrapped stringed cheese, Go-Gurt (portable yogurt), individually packaged vegetable portions with low-fat dip and 100-calorie potato chips or cookies are helping us to eat healthy, even when we feel we have no time to do so. To maintain a healthy weight and reduce our […]

keithjennison April 7, 2009

What is organic food and why does it cost so much might be the most general questions asked by many consumers. The typically higher cost and the extra expense are not considered to be worth the perceived benefits that are available with eating organic products. However, to find the advantages of using only what is […]

keithjennison April 4, 2009

When considering seafood restaurants, most people prefer a restaurant that is local and serves fresh fish and seafood. For many who live far from the coast line, the choices are very limited. Live lobsters are unheard of. A great option for those who are not lucky enough to live near an ocean is Red Lobster. […]

keithjennison April 2, 2009

Drinking coffee is almost a rite of passage toward becoming an adult. Kids watch their parents savor the aroma and flavor of this rich and dark beverage for years. Adults love coffee, it is aromatic, robust, and you can make it as strong and flavorful as you like. Coffee first thing in the morning is […]