Month: May 2009

keithjennison May 31, 2009

When someone mentions going to a baseball game, many times the first images that come to mind are beer bottles and a hot dog. It is somewhat of a tradition to drink beer with certain sports or activities. No backyard football game is complete without having some cold brews in the ice chest. You get […]

keithjennison May 30, 2009

My boyfriend’s mother is truly inclined of shrimp. Of bed I deprivation to strike her, because we are hopefully exploit meshed shortly. I’ll have to wait longer because he hasn’t popped the question after I have been asking him to do so. However, his family is from Louisiana. While growing up and living here in […]

keithjennison May 30, 2009

I am sure there are many exotic fresh salmon recipes out there. But for me I like it simple. Nothing tastes better than a nice grilled salmon steak which even I can manage to cook by myself. But I would still order it in a restaurant. The way it just crumbles with a fork is […]

admin May 28, 2009

New England clam chowder has milk or cream. Manhattan clam chowder has tomatoes. Rhode Island (where I live) clam chowder has neither! This may be one of the simplest clam chowders to make,¬†and it’s most likely the healthiest because it has no salt pork and no cream or milk. Not to mention better tasting then […]

keithjennison May 28, 2009

The American Lobster, also known as Maine lobster, is found in the waters between North Carolina and Eastern Canada. Maine lobsters are easily distinguished from the spiny lobster, also known as fresh lobster, by its large and heavy claws. The spiny lobster has tiny claws and is home along the southern Atlantic Coast and the […]

keithjennison May 26, 2009

Sea food forms one kind of an eating experience which comes across as being very foreign and abundant. Those who love sea food pledge by the fragile tastes and the hard to believe flavor bought about by these sea food recipes. Amongst other items which qualify to be foreign sea food fare we have the […]

keithjennison May 24, 2009

How concerned are you about the adverse affects some food may have on you and your family? Amidst the controversy and concern about genetically-modified foods, we are now seeing the emergence of a new philosophy about eating in the purest, natural form known as organic food. This food scare that has crept into our homes […]

keithjennison May 24, 2009

Do you not just hate it when you go to the local grocery store and buy some produce only to find it wilted a day or so later? It is extremely frustrating. By the time that the farmers of the land have harvested their crops and it goes through transit and processing, it only has […]

keithjennison May 24, 2009

If you are experiencing pain and swelling in your joints, chances are that you have gout. This condition is brought about by uric acid crystals deposited in joints and tissues of the body. Gout most commonly occurs in the big toe, though this could also affect the wrists, elbows, fingers, ankles and feet. The causes […]

keithjennison May 24, 2009

The lobster is a crustacean related to the crayfish, the crab and the shrimp, and all live in salt water oceans. Their meat is available and marketed either canned, frozen or more popularly, as lobster dinner purchases. As with most lobsters crabs products, the more commercially important live Maine lobsters are, the higher the price […]