keithjennison May 24, 2009

Do you not just hate it when you go to the local grocery store and buy some produce only to find it wilted a day or so later? It is extremely frustrating. By the time that the farmers of the land have harvested their crops and it goes through transit and processing, it only has a few days left. If you want really fresh produce the way local farmers want you to have it, then you need to try hitting some farmers markets.

Local farmers that do not have huge tracts of land have gotten smart. They know that by focusing on the organic trend and selling at farmhouse they can bring in more revenue.

farmers market
You have the comfort of knowing that the USDA regulates these farms to ensure that they are truly selling organic foods and following the strict guidelines that they have set forth. You will not have to worry about harsh pesticides or genetically modified plants. It is a win-win situation for both you and the local, small farmers.

Farmer’s markets are not just for produce. You will often find food and agriculture of different varieties there. There may be a farmer selling organic honey. Another may be selling jellies or jams.

You can find plants, flowers and sometimes even fresh meat or fish depending on how large the market is. It is not uncommon to find farmer’s markets on the East and West coast selling fresh seafood. You can pick up everything you need for dinner practically in one place with sustainable farming.

If you want to know a real secret, most top chefs use local farmer’s markets to their advantage. They go out early in the morning before the crowds grow too large to get the best produce and miscellaneous goods for their special dishes. It is these small advantages that rocket many chefs into stardom. Diners want to know that they are getting the freshest food available.

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If you have never been to any of the farmers markets near you, then you are really missing out on something great. If your town does not have one, then you can always try to visit some when you go on vacation.

A great website to visit to find local farmer’s markets is You can put in your zip code and find the nearest market. Even the best chefs know that a farmer’s market is the key to successful dishes.