keithjennison May 24, 2009

How concerned are you about the adverse affects some food may have on you and your family?

Amidst the controversy and concern about genetically-modified foods, we are now seeing the emergence of a new philosophy about eating in the purest, natural form known as organic food. This food scare that has crept into our homes have led us to avoid chemically-laden foods, beefs, and other foodstuffs that are known to have negative effects on our health and our children’s mental development. What are the organic food sources?

The main organic food sources include animal foods and plantsplant and animal products that were not exposed to gardening method is based on the utilization of fertile soil in combination with a set of crops in order to promote a growing condition that is necessary in the production of nutrient laden organic food sans the volume of chemical additives that are generally present in commercially produced foods.

There is a stringent rules to the banning of genetically modified foods in an organic farming setup. This is one of the more contentious issues plaguing commercial farms as there is now a growing backlash on such commercial farming practice. Organically grown animals are raised in organic farms. The animals are provided a life that most resembles living in the wild. They are fed with organic food sources without any traces of chemically enhanced hormones or drugs.

Organic foods are always ahead when it comes to taste and palatability. If it is an indication of the healthy benefits that we can get, then the organic foodstuffs that we eat are easily the top among all types of foods available in the market. On top of this, there are many other benefits that we can get from eating organic foodsreceive by eating only organically.

As we are appreciating the direct benefits we gain when you include organic foods in our diet, we are also helping the protect the environment in numerous ways. It is also known that organic farmers do not risk the health problems that commercial farmers do due to chemicals all around them.

Our main concernprimary issue about commercial foods is our ongoing intake of chemicals when eating foods laden with insecticides that remain in the foods that we buy from commercial sources. Organic foods are free of these harmful chemicals while animals that grow in an organic farm are not given antibiotics and other chemicals as they fed purely on.

These chemicals generally work through the food chain and are ingested by humans when they eat animals raised in commercial farms. Several researches have already confirmed the increased health risks that is significantly attributable to the exposure and ingestion of these antibiotics and chemicals used in animals. Some of these antibiotics and chemicals have known carcinogenic effects and may lead to the mental retardation of our children.

The beneficial effects to humans, animals and our environment are enough reasons for us to advocate support organic products. With the increased demand and preference for organically produced plants and animals, more people will be encouraged to go into organic farming to meet the growing demand. This will ensure that there will be an plentiful supply of healthy and safe food products which we can serve to our families.