keithjennison May 31, 2009

When someone mentions going to a baseball game, many times the first images that come to mind are beer bottles and a hot dog. It is somewhat of a tradition to drink beer with certain sports or activities. No backyard football game is complete without having some cold brews in the ice chest.

You get hot and sweaty from the game and cool down with your friends over a few beers. Even watching some sports necessitates having a couple of pints. It does not matter if you prefer a Bud Light over a Canadian beer or German beer. Many people around the world finish up a long, hard day at work by having a few cold ones with their friends. It is a great way to relax and just kick back.

draft beer
Learning to make your own draft beer at home does require some skill and some knowledge. Homebrewing is very much the same process that manufacturers and professional brewers use all over the world.

Before you even begin, you will need to learn the terminology. But if you take the time to learn a few terms that pertain to the brewing system, then you will be ahead of the pack.

When it comes to brewing system equipment there are some standard items that breweries use every day. They have large scale operations that allow the hops, barley, rice or wheat to bloom. You should also know that you may not have the capability to use some of the standard equipment, such as a large oak barrel or a keg.

Most home setups operate with limited space. One of the first decisions you will have to make is what type of brew you intend to make. Is it going to be a cold brewed beverage or a warm brewed beverage? The temperature refers to what the final product will be. Most lagers are cold brewed, meaning that the temperature of the beverage is kept at a low temperature throughout the brewing process.

beer brewing
Many people find that it is really easy to get into the brewing process when they purchase a pre-assembled beer making kit. The kit will contain everything needed, with regard to the ingredients that will make the brew. Before you leave the store you will want to read all of the information on the box to ensure that everything you need is in the kit.

If you need additional supplies, such as beer bottles or buckets, then you can check the store to see if they carry these items. If the brewery store does not have these accessories and equipment, then you can always go online to a specialty website or Ebay.