keithjennison June 2, 2009

If you are over the age of twenty-one and are not adamantly against drinking alcohol, then chances are pretty good that you have been exposed to beer sometime in your life. It may be in the form of a local microbrew.

It could be from a large beer making manufacturer. There is nothing quite like a draft beer when the mood hits. But how much do you know about the brewing process? It takes skill and knowledge to brew a beer. Every beer drinker needs to know the basics of the process.

beer brewing
There is a big similarity to making bread and making beer. Both have water, starch and yeast involved. The ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians discovered this process and left it as a great legacy for everyone. How popular is beer?

Polls show that beer is the most popular beverage after water and tea. Just imagine how many people like a nice, frosty beverage after a hard day at work. One of the most popular beers in the US is Bud Light, regardless of whether it is in beer can.

If you have never tried a good beer, then you may want to consider taking a trip to a brewing plant. You will get to learn about how the beer is made and get to learn the history of the manufacturer. There are many big manufacturers located here in the United States.

You can visit St. Louis, Missouri for a trip through the Bud Light factory or you can take a trip up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see how Old Milwaukee is made. It is sure to be an exciting visit no matter where you go.

Real aficionados will suggest you take a trip overseas to see how real Belgian beer is produced. Is it a great vacation idea? If it is imports you love then you may want to consider visiting Belgium or Germany to see how their process differs from American breweries.

cold beer
Get in touch with history by drinking a glass of your favorite ale or lager. You will be taking part of a long tradition that has touched virtually everyone’s life. You can consider it a journey into the history of the homebrewing process. So what can you expect?

You can expect to have a great time while learning how different breweries make their own special brews. You will also know more about your own personal tastes when it comes to beer.